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Lakewood Exploration: Silver Strand 43-101, Exploration, Adds Two Silver Projects in Nevada
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Maurice Jackson Joining us is Morgan Lekstrom, the CEO of Lakewood Exploration, which is on track to become the next pure silver play in the US. In this interview, Mr. Lekstrom discusses the latest update on the pending NI43-101 on the flagship Silver Strand, along with current exploration successes and new additions to the property bank, both in the prolific Hamilton District of Nevada, which are the Eliza Silver Project and Silverton Silver Mine, and we will conclude with pending catalysts.

Maurice Jackson: Joining us for conversation is Morgan Lekstrom, the president of Lakewood Exploration Inc. (LWD:CSE). Glad to have you join us today, as Lakewood Exploration has been busy on several fronts in its resolve to become the next pure silver play in the United States. Sir, I understand you have several updates for us regarding the release of the 43-101 on the flagship Silver Strand, along with exploration successes, portfolio expansion, and pending catalysts. Before we begin, Mr. Lekstrom, please introduce us to Lakewood Exploration and the opportunity the company presents to shareholders.

Morgan Lekstrom: Lakewood Exploration was listed on the stock exchange, the Canadian securities exchange four months ago. We're a newly formed silver company with what we call a triple-pronged approach, where we look to have a large exploration payoff, near-term production potential, and meaningful acquisitions. We have three assets in the United States, one in Idaho in the prolific Silver Valley, two in Nevada, in the Silver Alley, which are all high-grade, past-producing mines. We have a very tightly held share structure with just under 50 million shares out and only 37.6 of them on the market right now. A lot of room to grow as a company and large exploration payoff for shareholders.

Maurice Jackson: Mr. Lekstrom, let's get right to it. Take us to Idaho, to the flagship Silver Strand, where Lakewood exploration has a pending NI 43-101. Lakewood has just provided the market with some important updates. What can you share with us?

Morgan Lekstrom: Lakewood Exploration is very exciting about Silver Strand. We just finished the 43-101 and in the filing process, and we are looking forward to moving into exploration. Our plans right now are being enacted. We're actively in our existing underground. It was always called a historic underground, but we're actively in there. Finished rehabilitation and now we're moving into mining the Silver Strand for creating an exploration cutting. We're looking to get in there, drove right from the underground and from surface. Still planning and drilling to 2,700 meters. That in conjunction with the 43-101, in conjunction with what we're looking at for our drill program and our surface programs, it's leading for pretty exciting times at Silver Strand.

Maurice Jackson: Speaking of that drill program, you're going underground and near-surface. Talk to us about the method first. Are you going underground first or near-surface?

Morgan Lekstrom: We're working on getting into our underground. We have a mining crew in there right now creating that new drill bay, a more strategic drill location for hitting the ore body at deeper depths and at better angles. We're looking at mobilizing that drill crew in there in September, by the end of the summer, and just waiting and looking at strategic targets for the surface program as well.

Maurice Jackson: Now, I realized the labs are backed up and you're just beginning. But do you have any anticipation of when the market may receive the next set of assay results?

Morgan Lekstrom: I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Maurice Jackson: We'll read into that one just as it is, sir.

Morgan Lekstrom: Exactly.

Maurice Jackson: All right. Leaving Idaho, let's visit Nevada, where Lakewood Exploration is looking to further extend its footprint in two project acquisitions. Sir, what can you share with us?

Morgan Lekstrom: Lakewood Exploration is working on two transformative acquisitions which are the Eliza Silver Project and the Silverton Mine. I think we've touched on them before, Maurice, around Eliza and Silverton, Eliza being that prolific Hamilton historic area, 1860-1870 mine, 40 million ounces out of the area. Very high-grade. One of the mines on our claim block had 5,600 to 18,500 thousand grams per tonne silver, mineralization across surface, had no modern exploration done. We're coming up with exploration plans there right now.


Lakewood has hired a separate geologist for this work so that we're keeping focused on all three assets in the right way. Silverton being up in Nevada as well. These are all in that Tonopah to Ely area. A lot of prolific mine around there. Round Mountain is one of them. The Silverton mine itself exhibits the same infrared ASTER signatures as Round Mountain. We have some very good geology work that was preliminarily done to the transaction, as well as this is a past-producing silver mine of 933 grams a ton in the 1930s. Again, similar geology to Eliza. There's an ability there to utilize the exploration techniques, as well as having a large exploration payoff between the two for our shareholders.

Maurice Jackson: It sounds like a lot of blue sky potential there, sir. When will the transaction become finalized?

Morgan Lekstrom: We're looking at doing that most likely this week.

Maurice Jackson: Talking about full speed ahead.

Morgan Lekstrom: We are. Like I said four months ago, where we were to where we are now, it's pretty transformative.

Maurice Jackson: Now, once the transaction has been consummated, how will you leverage the intellectual capital that is onsite for both projects?

Morgan Lekstrom: I’m glad you brought that up. I'm heading down to Nevada with the gentlemen that we transacted with Dave Forest, and we're going to be putting in our boots on the ground with a geologist that we just hired. We're going to get that tribal knowledge transfer right away. We're going to make sure we have a concrete plan. I have that geologist already starting.

He's already heading down there right now to put boots on the ground and get his feet wet down there, or as they say in Nevada, keep your feet dry, and come up with that methodical plan, utilizing that knowledge in the background. We want to make sure that when we are coming up with drill targets, that they're utilizing these old existing mines. There's uniform mineralization in that old California mine. We're able to see maybe a little more info than what just a standard exploration project allows us.

Maurice Jackson: Now, before we leave the property bank, multilayered question, what is the next unanswered question for Lakewood Exploration? When can we expect a response, and what will determine success?

Morgan Lekstrom: The real catalyst will be getting underground at Silver Strand and getting modern exploration going on Eliza and Silverton. We're well on our way to doing both.  I need to highlight that four months ago, we vended in Silver Strand and we were able to take that from having almost a very bare-bones plan to re-opening our underground, starting to blast as of today, and putting an underground drill program and a surface program together within four months is pretty impressive for the team. A true demonstration of our geological and business acumen. 

Maurice Jackson: Switching gears, let's look at some numbers. Sir, please provide us the capital structure for Lakewood Exploration.

Morgan Lekstrom: With vending in Eliza and Silverton, we're at 37.4 million shares outstanding. We have 2.7 million options, 7.8 million warrants, and then fully diluted sets us right around 44.9 million shares. Tightly held about. 42% insider held right now. A lot of room to grow. As we grow these assets, as we grow our share structure, there's a lot of value to be seen there for shareholders.

Maurice Jackson: Before we close, Mr. Lekstrom, what would you like to say to shareholders?

Morgan Lekstrom: Stay tuned. We feel there are some real exciting times are happening in silver space and Lakewood Exploration portfolio expansion with key assets in two of most prolific silver states and silver places to mine in the world, in Nevada and Idaho is exciting. We are looking forward to getting the results out as we get them, but also coming up with these plans for Nevada. Stay tuned to what we're doing.

Maurice Jackson: Last question, what did I forget to ask?

Morgan Lekstrom: I think you covered it.

Maurice Jackson: Mr. Lekstrom, for someone that wants to learn more about Lakewood Exploration, please share the contact details.


Maurice Jackson: Mr. Lekstrom, it's been a pleasure to speak with you. Wishing you and Lakewood Exploration the absolute best, sir.

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