Jericho Energy Ventures Inc.

Jericho Energy Ventures is focused on advancing the low-carbon energy transition with investments in hydrogen technologies, energy storage, carbon capture and new energy systems.

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Jericho Energy Ventures Inc.'s hydrogen boiler technology creates high-temperature water and steam with no greenhouse gases. The only by-product is water.
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Chris Temple, The National Investor

"We have a Buy recommendation on Jericho Energy Ventures Inc."

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Clive Maund,

"Jericho Energy Ventures Inc.'s high volume break higher to complete the larger double bottom in January 2022 was bullish and makes it unlikely that it [will] drop back further to the next support around CA$0.55. Instead, it should start to advance again from here, a scenario made more likely by the still positive volume pattern and relatively strong accumulation line. . .the company is rated a Strong Buy again here."

Clive Maund,

"There was a volume breakout in Jericho Energy Ventures Inc. and a stronger volume breakout on the U.S. traded stock, which implies that the next upleg has begun even if we see some short-term choppy trading. . .we therefore stay long, and this is also a reasonably good point to buy or add to positions."

Clive Maund,

"Jericho Energy Ventures Inc. is at another great buy spot now and although it is not at the great price we bought it at in January, we now have the benefit of having witnessed a powerful preliminary breakout that has very bullish implications. It is called 'preliminary' because it didn't succeed in breaking the price out of the double bottom pattern, but it has started the process. . .the shares look ready to begin another upleg shortly."

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Bob Moriarty, 321 Gold

"Jericho Energy Ventures Inc. focuses on the hydrogen area of the [green energy] market as a publicly traded, high tech project generator and incubator for hydrogen use and creation projects. It's a hell of a lot bigger and better than most investors realize. . .the existing market today for industrial hydrogen use is already $120B."

Clive Maund,

"We have here what looks like a superb entry point for Jericho Energy Ventures Inc. . .on its latest 14-month chart we can see that following a quite severe downtrend from its highs last February, the company has been building out a fine double bottom pattern. With it now being very close to the low of the second bottom, this looks like a great 'buy spot'; additional strong evidence on the six-month chart suggests it should take off higher from here."

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Clive Maund –
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Bob Moriarty, Author – 321 Gold
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Penny Queen, Mother, Investor and Social Media Leader
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Chris Temple, Editor and Publisher – The National Investor

Company News 

9/22/2022 – Jericho Energy Ventures: Hydrogen Technologies' DCC(TM) Zero-Emission Boiler Achieves Nearly 100% Overall Fuel Combustion Efficiency in Independent Testing

8/11/2022 – Jericho Energy Ventures: Historic Clean Hydrogen Production Tax Credit Expected to Bolster Utilization of Hydrogen Across the U.S. Economy

8/9/2022 – Jericho Energy Ventures and LINE Hydrogen Partner to Bring Clean H2 Steam to Australia

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Investing Highlights
Recently diversified energy portfolio into Hydrogen
Support of major shareholders for this shift (ie Ed Breen)
Goldman Sachs, BOAML, Biden, Paris Climate Accord all advocating move to Hydrogen
catalyst Calendar
Pick a manufacturer for the HTI boiler
First sale or partnership for the boiler
Add a vertical to the energy portfolio (another acquisition)