Stem Holdings Inc. dba Driven by Stem

Stem Holdings leads the cannabis and hemp industries though innovation, brand loyalty, footprint expansion, and uncompromising quality, with operational excellence and execution.

Expert Comments:

Joseph Gomes, Noble Capital Markets

"Stem Holdings Inc. dba Driven by Stem reported Q3 FY21 record gross sales of $12.4M and net sales of $10.6M, a 104% increase and 103% increase, respectively, over the prior year. . .gross margin was 14%. . .the company continued to build momentum during Q3 FY21."

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Jonathan DeCourcey, Viridian Capital Advisors

"Stem Holdings Inc. will be a beneficiary of strong wholesale sales trends both in terms of topline growth and margin expansion. It has an established wholesale position within a key market, Nevada. . .Nevada experienced far and away the strongest growth in May with a wholesale sales growth rate of 130% year over year."

Joseph Gomes, Noble Capital Markets

"Stem Holdings Inc. released Q2 FY21 results. . .gross revenue of $12.4M compared to $2.7M. Net revenue, after deducting for discounts and returns, was $10.5M versus $2.3M. Gross profit increased to $2.7M from $0.7M; adjusted EBITDA grew to $1.7M compared to ($5.8M) last year."

Joseph Gomes, Noble Capital Markets

"Stem Holdings Inc. has teamed up with Organic Guyz, a Michigan cannabis company, for the opening of a dispensary in Kalamazoo, Mich.; the location is expected to open in June. In addition, Stem will introduce its Budee e-commerce and delivery platform to service the entire state. . .we view the expansion as a positive for the company and in line with Stem's stated growth plans."

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Jonathan DeCourcey, Director, Equity Research – Stem Holdings Inc. dba Driven by Stem
Joseph Gomes, Senior Research Analyst – Noble Capital Markets

Company News

8/16/2021 – CORRECTION - Stem Holdings, Inc. d/b/a Driven By Stem Announces Record Sales and Gross Margin for the Third Quarter

8/9/2021 – Stem Holdings d/b/a Driven By Stem Officially Launches its Budee(TM) E-Commerce and Delivery Platform in Oregon

6/29/2021 – Driven By Stem CEO, Adam Berk, Provides Shareholder Update During Virtual Road Show on ChannelChek

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