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Avivagen is developing and commercializing products that promote health in animals and humans. The Corporation’s unique OxC-beta™ technology is a proprietary, first-in-class source of β-carotene-oxygen copolymer compounds that confer a variety of non-vitamin A health benefits. These benefits have wide, global utility, including replacement of antibiotics in livestock feeds, as well as for food-production conditions where antibiotics cannot be used, and supporting good health in companion animals.

Expert Comments:

David Bautz, Zacks Small-Cap Research

"Subsequent to the end of the quarter the company secured a new customer in Western Mexico, initiated discussions with potential partners to ramp up sales efforts in the U.S. following termination of its previous exclusive distribution agreement, recorded the first order from Brazil, and secured the first order with a major swine and poultry producer in Thailand. . .We are very encouraged how Avivagen continues to expand its customer base and increase the size and frequency of orders for OxC-beta Livestock and we expect revenues to begin to ramp up in the second half of fiscal year 2021."

Joseph Gomes, Noble Capital Markets

"Momentum continues to build for Avivagen Inc.; just since Q2/21E, the company secured a new customer in western Mexico, recorded its first order from Brazil and secured its first order with a major swine and poultry producer in Thailand. We expect these new customers, ongoing trials and existing customers to drive revenue higher going forward."

Avivagen's OxC-beta™ Livestock products could play a pivotal role in the global mandate to remove all in-feed antibiotics as growth promoters.
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Noble Capital Markets noted in a research report that shortly after receiving its largest single order to date, a 4.4-ton order for OxC-beta Livestock, Avivagen Inc. has received a new order for 4 tons per month from its representative in Mexico.
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Joseph Gomes, Noble Capital Markets

"Avivagen Inc. announced it entered into a contract for a four tonnes per month recurring order from Meyenberg International, the company's consultant in Mexico. . .The Meyenberg order continues the order momentum for Avivagen, building off the April 26th announcement that Avivagen received a purchase order for a single shipment of 4.4 metric tonnes of OxC-beta Livestock, the largest single shipment purchase order of OxC-beta to date. . .. We believe the company is at an inflection point with significant sales increases just around the corner and presents a favorable risk/reward proposition."

Avivagen Inc. reported it received a 4.4 metric tonne purchase order for OxC-beta Livestock from UNAHCO representing its largest single order to date.
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Joseph Gomes, Noble Capital Markets

"Avivagen Inc. announced it has received a purchase order for a single shipment of 4.4 mt of OxC-beta Livestock; this represents the largest single shipment purchase order of OxC-beta to date and represents a 10% increase in size over the previous record single shipment order. This one order represents more than 40% of the previous year's total volume."

David Bautz, Zacks Small-Cap Research

"Avivagen Inc. delivered a total of approximately 5 t of OxC-beta Livestock last year, thus the orders received thus far for 2021 already exceed last year's totals. . .the company has announced that two publications describing trials performed with OxC-beta will be published in leading, peer-reviewed scientific journals." —Zacks Small-Cap Research

Joseph Gomes, Noble Capital Markets

"Another manuscript reporting the benefits of Avivagen Inc.'s OxC-beta Livestock, this time for broiler poultry, has been approved for publication by Poultry Science, a leading peer-reviewed journal; in the two trials reported on, OxC-beta groups achieved significantly improved growth performance measures over the control groups. These peer-reviewed publications not only validate existing customers but provide confidence to new customers to adopt OxC-beta."

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David Bautz, Senior Biotechnology Analyst – Zacks Small-Cap Research
Joseph Gomes, Senior Research Analyst – Noble Capital Markets

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Investing Highlights
In February, completed a $7.5MM financing, which was 50% over subscribed at an increased amount.
Announced two significant sales contracts, one for 10 tonnes of OxC-beta Livestock to Melder and 6 tonnes to Transformadora, both in Mexico
Published papers in two respected peer review journals, essential for scientific validation of our product
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Increased Distribution Partners
Increased Country Approvals
Increased Overall Sales
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