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Avivagen Inc.

Avivagen is developing and commercializing products that promote health in animals and humans. The Corporation’s unique OxC-beta™ technology is a proprietary, first-in-class source of β-carotene-oxygen copolymer compounds that confer a variety of non-vitamin A health benefits. These benefits have wide, global utility, including replacement of antibiotics in livestock feeds, as well as for food-production conditions where antibiotics cannot be used, and supporting good health in companion animals.

Expert Comments:

Joseph Gomes, Noble Capital Markets

"We are initiating research coverage on Avivagen Inc. with an Outperform rating. . .we believe the company is at an inflection point with significant sales increases just around the corner and presents a favorable risk/reward proposition."

Avivagen Inc. reported that data from a New Zealand OxC-betaT™ Livestock Dairy Trial for use against sub-clinical mastitis has been published in a top-tier international veterinary science journal.
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Avivagen Inc. reported it has secured a six tonne order for OxC-beta™ Livestock from a new customer in Queretaro City, Mexico.
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David Bautz, Zacks Small-Cap Research

"Avivagen Inc. achieved a number of important milestones in 2020, including approval of OxC-beta in Brazil and Malaysia, a record 4 ton order from UNAHCO, the company's distribution partner in the Philippines, and a 10 ton order from Industrias Melder in Mexico. FY20 revenues were CA$1.2M, and for FY21 we are currently forecasting sales of CA$3M based on increased order sizes from current customers and expansion of the customer base." —Zacks Small-Cap Research

Avivagen Inc. reported FY/20 audited financial results that included a 20.5% increase in YoY revenue.
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Avivagen Inc. reported that it has received a record purchase order for its OxC-beta™ product from UNAHCO.
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Avivagen reports that it has gained both new customers and increased access to prospective ones.
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Avivagen Inc. reported unaudited financial results for Q3/20 that included record revenue and product sales volumes that nearly eclipsed FY/19 levels.
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David Bautz, Zacks Small-Cap Research

"Avivagen Inc. announced financial results for Q3 FY20 that ended July 31, 2020; the company reported revenues of CA$612,530, an increase of CA$600,046 compared to Q3 FY19, which was driven by two major sales of OxC-beta during the quarter and the largest ever orders from Mexico-based Industrias Melder and Philippines-based UNAHCO. In addition, during the quarter, regulatory approval was secured in Brazil." —Zacks Small-Cap Research


"Enhancing livestock health without the use of antibiotics has become a must in order to prevent the emergence of deadly diseases including so called superbugs. Avivagen Inc. is a Life Sciences player that caters directly to this need and is at a very interesting juncture today. The company is building a compelling growth story as it has gone on to receive numerous country approvals across many large livestock markets in the world."

David Bautz, Zacks Small-Cap Research

"Avivagen Inc. recently announced an upsized order of OxC-beta Livestock from Mexico-based Industrias Melder following positive results from two dairy animal tests conducted by one of Industrias Melder's key customers. This initial sale could lead to a formal long-term relationship and help Avivagen enter the Mexican market, which has annual feed sales of 36 Mt." —Zacks Small-Cap Research

David Bautz, Zacks Small-Cap Research

"Avivagen Inc. announced positive and statistically significant results from its New Zealand dairy trial showing that OxC-beta has an effect against subclinical mastitis. There was a 13.9% rate of resolution of bacterial infection in cows fed feed containing OxC-beta compared to a 6.9% resolution rate in the group fed the control feed containing no antibiotics." — -Zacks Small-Cap Research

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Joseph Gomes – Wm Smith & Co.

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