Goldcliff Resource Corp.

Goldcliff is a mine development company focused on near-term cash flow by applying the phased production business model to precious metals assets.

Expert Comments:

Clive Maund, CliveMaund.com

"Goldcliff Resource Corp. looks like it is going to break out imminently, and the fall of the $0.17 resistance level could lead to a sharp and significant rally. With a breakout into a potentially sizeable rally looking imminent, we stay long, and fresh purchases are in order."

Michael Ballanger, GGM Advisory Inc.

"I like the 1:1 ratio of gold to silver occurrence at Goldcliff Resources Corp.'s Nevada Rand project as well as the fact that while it was a past producer, it has never been systematically explored by way of modern methodology. . .catalysts for revaluation of the share price include a 2020 drill program intended to confirm the presence of high-grade Au-Ag intercepts."

Experts Following This Company

headshot of Michael Ballanger
Michael Ballanger, Gold Industry Consultant

Company News 

11/22/2021 – Goldcliff Announces Flow Through Funding to Drill Kettle Valley Gold Project

11/16/2021 – Goldcliff Identifies Drill Targets at Kettle Valley Gold Project

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Investing Highlights
Multiple project exposure to gold and silver discovery/development with emphasis on high grade
High level of insider ownership
Leverage to discovery through low market cap/issued cap
catalyst Calendar
Commencement of exploration activities at Kettle Valley gold (early April)
Sampling results from Aurora West and drill permitting (mid April
Trenching results and drill commencement at Kettle Valley (mid summer to fall)
New project acquisition (TBD)
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