Datable Technology Corp.

Datable Technology Corp. (DTC), formerly 3tl Technologies Corp., is a technology company operating in the consumer data and marketing sector that enables the world’s largest consumer goods companies to monetize consumer data by providing social media consumer engagement, data mining and loyalty solutions.
DTC’s core product is PLATFORM³, is a Software as a Service (“SaaS”) based Consumer Lifecycle and Data Management Platform called PLATFORM3,


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Vancouver-based software and technology company Datable Technology Corp. is helping consumer packaged goods companies collect data from consumers who opt-in to their apps, promotions, contests and loyalty programs. eResearch Corp. indicated that it is initiating coverage of the company with a "Speculative Buy" rating as it is now in the midst of a rapid revenue growth cycle.
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Clive Maund, CliveMaund.com

"Datable Technology Corp. looks like a solid investment here with little downside and a whole lot of upside, and the stock looks like it is at a great entry point now. . .it looks like it is very close to the right shoulder low at support. . .both volume indicators have held up nicely while the price has reacted back in recent months, a positive sign."

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Clive Maund – CliveMaund.com

Company News 

12/3/2021 – Datable Technology Announces Warrant Holders Incentive to Exercise and Resumption of Trading

11/24/2021 – Date Technology Announces Financial Results for Q3 2021 and Update for Year-to-Date 2021

11/23/2021 – Datable Technology Announces LOI to Acquire Dabbl

11/18/2021 – Datable Announces Launch Of Strategic Services Group

11/10/2021 – Datable Expects Revenue Growth of Fifty Percent in 2021

11/3/2021 – Datable Announces Integrated Marketing Programs with Two Leading Consumer Goods Companies in Partnership With Dabbl

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Investing Highlights
Enterprise-grade software platform is scalable, secure, and API friendly - 50 of the world’s top consumer brands already use platform
Strong revenue growth of 50% in 2021
Accelerated growth expected in 2022, with deals signed that Influences purchase behavior at “moment of truth”
catalyst Calendar
Dabbl definitive agreement Q4 2021
Close Dabbl in Q1 2022
PLATFORM³ v 6.0 launch Q1 2022
Integration of Dabbl product to fully leverage app & consumer database
Accelerated sales growth Q2 2022 with larger combined product sales