Defense Metals Corp.

Defense Metals Corp. is a mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition, exploration and development of minerals, metals and elements commonly used in the protection of our nation and other nations abroad. The company (i) owns a 100% interest in prospective uranium claims in the Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan totalling approximately 9,362.65 hectares; (ii) has an option to acquire 100% of the Wicheeda Rare Earth Element Project located in Prince George, British Columbia; and (iii) has an option to acquire 100% of the Lac Burge gold property located approximately 215 km northeast of Val d'Or, Quebec.


Expert Comments:

This Canadian company intends to build upon these initial positive results.
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Peter Epstein
Max Sali, CEO of Defense Metals, speaks with Peter Epstein of Epstein Research about the latest developments at his company's REE project in British Columbia.
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Rick Mills, Ahead of the Herd

"Defense Metals Corp. continues to advance its Wicheeda rare earth deposit north of Prince George, on Thursday releasing the first assay results of a bulk sample program. . .of significance is the finding of praseodymium. Wicheeda had, up to now, been viewed as a cerium-lanthanum-neodymium deposit; the addition of praseodymium not only adds another magnet metal but potentially adds to the economic potential of the project."

Rick Mills, Ahead of the Herd

"Defense Metals Corp. has come up with a very manageable plan to cost effectively put an extremely prospective rare earths deposit into production. . .each step that is successfully completed will provide more confidence for investors and further derisk the project. If all these steps are completed, we see there being no shortage of customers wanting to purchase the company's high-purity rare earth elements concentrate."

Rick Mills
Rick Mills of Ahead of the Herd provides an overview of the ups and downs in the rare earths market and discusses one company that he believes has all the elements in place for a "successful, small-scale rare earth operation."
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Bob Moriarty, 321 Gold

"Defense Metals Corp. is a young company in Vancouver that offers investors an interesting option in two important metals, light rare earth elements (REEs) and uranium. . .with a market cap of under $5M, the company seems perfectly positioned for advances in either REEs as green energy moves forward or in energy with higher prices for U3O8."

headshot of Rick Mills

Rick Mills, Ahead of the Herd

"Vancouver-based Defense Metals Corp. signed an option agreement with Spectrum Mining in November 2018 for its Wicheeda Lake claims. In the new year Defense Metals began trading on the TSX Venture Exchange. . .the company is also into uranium, with two well-placed properties in the Athabasca Basin."

Experts Following This Company

headshot of Peter Epstein
Peter Epstein, CFA – Epstein Research
headshot of Rick Mills
Rick Mills Ahead of the Herd
headshot of Bob Moriarty
Bob Moriarty, Author – 321 Energy, 321 Gold

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Investing Highlights
Diversified Approach (Rare Earth and Uranium ) Extensive Local Infrastructure
Strong Executive Team and Board/ Advisory, Implementing Focused Strategy
Proven and Renowned Asset Base, Large Resource Growth Opportunity
catalyst Calendar
SGS completion of Wicheeda bulk sample metallurgy phase 1
DEFN initiates a Wicheeda deposit drilling program