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One Area of Environmental Remediation That Gets Almost No Attention
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Chris Temple Chris Temple, editor and publisher of The National Investor, explains why he has added Bion Environmental Technologies to his Speculative Buy list.

This is a VERY cool, unique and proprietary story in an area of environmental remediation that gets almost no attention:Bion Environmental Technologies Inc (BNET:OTCQB).

In so many areas of our ill-informed and dumbed-down society, policies are crafted based on sound bites, behind-the-scenes agendas and, now, "wokeness." What suffers in the end is TRUTH...and our future.

In the case of our current "Green" kick (not all bad, to be sure; as you know, I am an advocate of numerous things that will clean up the environment, etc.) virtue-signaling often overshadows REAL problems and potential solutions. Take, for example, the corollary green fad of the recent past of "artificial" or plant-based meat.

The overnight success of companies like Beyond Meat did not come about because enough people got up one day and decided they wanted to be vegetarians. It's because being anti-meat is a new "woke" cause, as the likes of media darling and well-meaning (but shockingly DUMB at times) Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) have determined that farting cows are a clear and present danger to the climate.

It is not cow flatulence but dirty, untreated waste water that is in many respects a larger public health hazard than are carbon emissions. Industrial and agricultural run off has compromised and even destroyed many aquatic ecosystems the world over (Read THIS SOBERING PIECE) on the Gulf of Mexico specifically, where the "dead zone" at the mouth of the Mississippi River has been measured as large as 7,000 square miles.

Here in Florida, we were barely into April when the "red tide" issues on the West coast of this state were already at "bloom" levels; here again, as nutrient-, waste- and pollution-laden water moves from inland to the Gulf of Mexico bays.

Bion Environmental Technologies is a company that has been around for 30 years or so. But it's one now—following some key research breakthroughs and the evolution of how economics and government policy intersect in this area still woefully underfunded and not taken seriously enough—poised to strike pay dirt.

When I spoke at some considerable length recently with BNET's Director of Communications Craig Scott, I came to a greater understanding of how—though some $100 billion/year globally is spent on water treatment of varying kinds—livestock waste has not received much of that money and attention. But the company has numerous avenues—with or without subsidies, and based on the economic potential ALONE, which is KEY—to change this.

In a broader subsequent write-up I'll delve into those particulars.

For now, as I have been persuaded that we aren't far from some mileposts for the company and the commercialization of its patented technology to harness volatile nitrogen from such waste and turn it into an organic, inert and marketable product, I am adding BNET to my list of Speculative-rated companies as a BUY. (And in my coming broader comments I'll discuss what of those mile posts we'll want to see achieved to move BNET to the "Growth" category.)

For now, you can learn more RIGHT HERE about Bion.

NOTE: Though the volume in BNET has picked up a little recently, these shares are still fairly thinly traded; so make sure that you use a LIMIT ORDER and extra care in buying them.

The article was originally sent to subscribers on April 12, 2021.

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