Ely Gold Royalties Inc.

Ely Gold Royalties Inc. is a Vancouver based, emerging royalty company with development assets focused in Nevada and the Western US. Its current portfolio includes 27 Deeded Royalties and 24 Optioned Properties; and the portfolio is currently generating significant revenue. Ely Gold’s royalty portfolio includes fully permitted mines, mines under construction and development projects that are being permitted for mine construction. The Company has recently purchased near term producing third-party royalties for its portfolio and all the Company’s Option Properties will produce royalties, if exercised. Ely Gold is well-positioned with its current portfolio of over 20 available properties to generate additional operating revenue through option and sale transactions. The Company has a proven track record of maximizing the value of its properties through claim consolidation and advancement using its extensive, proprietary data base. All portfolio properties are sold or optioned on a 100% basis, while the Company retains net smelter royalty interests. Management believes that due to the Company’s ability to generate royalty transactions, its successful strategy of organically creating royalties, its equity portfolio and its current low valuation, Ely Gold offers shareholders a low-risk leverage to the current price of gold and low-cost access to long-term mineral royalties.

Expert Comments:

The transaction is for Ely Gold Royalties' J&M claim at the Hercules property.
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Mark Reichman, Noble Capital Markets

"Ely Gold Royalties Inc., through its Nevada Select subsidiary, executed an option agreement giving Crestview Exploration the option to purchase the Cimarron property located about 30 km north of Tonopah, Nev. for $200K and a 2.5% net smelter returns royalty. . .the Cimarron transaction is another example of a value creation opportunity inherent in Ely Gold's property portfolio."

Mark Reichman, Noble Capital Markets

"Ely Gold Royalties Inc. announced that nine assayed samples at its El Campo property in San Bernardino County, Calif. returned up to 8.6% total rare earth oxides, including cerium, lanthanum, samarium and high value magnet metals neodymium and praseodymium which are used in electric vehicles and wind turbines. All nine of the samples returned rare earth oxide values of 4% or greater."

This deal takes Ely Gold Royalties' interest in the leased mining claims at Hog Ranch to 75.01% and its royalty there to 2.25%.
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Mark Reichman, Noble Capital Markets

"Ely Gold Royalties Inc., through its Nevada Select Royalty subsidiary, executed a binding term sheet to acquire an additional 25% interest in its Hog Ranch property in Washoe County, Nev., roughly 270 km north of Reno, from Platoro West Inc. The additional interest in Hog Ranch will increase Ely's net smelter returns royalty to 2.25% from 1.5% and its interest in the leased mining claims to 75.1% from 50.1%."

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Gwen Preston, The Maven Letter

"Ely Gold Royalties Inc. remained busy throughout 2019 and 2020. . .the company kicked butt on its business plan, acquiring royalties at great valuations by knowing who's who and fostering relationships in the Nevada mineral space. It also acquired projects, consolidated properties and farmed them out to partners at a great rate; that work continues."

Ely Gold Royalties reported it finalized the purchase of a 1% net smelter returns royalty on the Lincoln Hill Property in Nevada, raising its NSR stake in the property operated by Coeur Mining to 2%.
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Couloir Capital

"ELY is a strong upcoming royalty company and a benchmark example of smaller royalty companies that are well primed to grow further, from a valuation perspective. . .the preliminary valuation framework we've built around ELY suggests that it has significant upside yet to be realized. In addition to this, we believe that there could be additional blue sky growth potential in ELY's development and exploration royalties maturing to an advanced stage, which would have the impact of increasing forecasted cash flows used in our multiples valuation."

This latest transaction of Ely Gold Royalties is discussed in a Noble Capital Markets report.
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Mark Reichman, Noble Capital Markets

"Ely Gold Royalties Inc., through its Nevada Select Royalty subsidiary, executed a binding term sheet to acquire a 2% net smelter returns royalty from a private third party on three unpatented mining claims located within Coeur Mining's Lincoln Hill property in Pershing County, Nev. . .the company will pay a cash consideration of $200K and issue 500K warrants exercisable at the Dec. 22, 2020 closing price, subject to a four-month hold, which expire in three years."

Ely Gold Royalties reported it agreed to purchase private fee ground and mineral interests in the Railroad-Pinion project in Nevada that is currently being developed by Gold Standard Ventures.
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Ely Gold Royalties has agreed to purchase a 0.3% royalty for claims on the Trenton Canyon property in Nevada now being drilled by SSR Mining.
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Gwen Preston, Founder Resource Maven
headshot of Mark Reichman
Mark Reichman, Managing Director, Senior Analyst - MLP – Noble Capital Markets
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Jay Taylor, Author Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks

Company News

4/6/2021 – Ely Gold Royalties Announces Acquisition of Tonopah West Patented Mining Claims, Nevada

3/17/2021 – Ely Gold Royalties Congratulates First Majestic Sliver on Jerritt Canyon Mine Acquisition

3/15/2021 – Ely Gold Royalties Closes Increased Royalty and Lease Interest, Hog Ranch Property, Nevada

3/9/2021 – Ely Gold Royalties (TSXV: ELY, OTCQX: ELYGF) Sells Claim located on the Hercules Gold Property, Nevada

2/24/2021 – Ely Gold Royalties Options Cimarron Property Nye County, Nevada

2/12/2021 – Ely Gold Royalties Acquires Heavy Rare Earth El Campo Project, California

2/11/2021 – Ely Gold Royalties to Present at Virtual Investor Day III - February 17-18, 2021

2/10/2021 – Ely Gold Royalties Increases Royalty & Lease Interest in the Hog Ranch Property, Nevada

1/27/2021 – Ely Gold Royalties Options Spanish Moon Project, Nye County, Nevada

1/18/2021 – Ely Gold Royalties (TSXV: ELY, OTCQX: ELYGF) Announces Participation at January Events: AME Round Up, NobleCon 17, Rick Rule Exclusive Investor Event

1/12/2021 – Ely Gold Royalties (TSXV: ELY) (OTCQX: ELYGF) Announces Town Hall Meeting - January 14

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Investing Highlights
Excellent leverage to Nevada/US exploration with 51 projects being worked by third parties
Proven track record for developing under-explored properties and attracting high quality partners
Revenue generating portfolio and two royalties to be producing in 2019
Extremely undervalued compared to peer companies
#1 Mining Jurisdiction
33 Deeded Royalties
20 Optioned to third parties
$3M+ in 2019 Revenue
Strong Royalty/Option Partners
Large Propietary Data Base
Continually Generating Properties
Consolidations Districts
catalyst Calendar
Reviewing several new royalty opportunities
Continual news flow from new transactions and partner's exploration results
Strategic investment in Ely Gold stock by institutions and royalty companies
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