Bion Environmental Technologies Inc.

Bion Environmental Technologies is a public company whose mission is to provide sustainable environmental and economic solutions to the food and livestock industry and investment returns to its shareholders. Bionís proven technology provides comprehensive treatment of livestock waste that largely eliminates its environmental impacts, while simultaneously recovering valuable assets from the waste stream, including renewable energy, nutrients, and clean water, that have traditionally been wasted or underutilized.

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Matt Badiali
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Chris Temple, Editor and Publisher – The National Investor

Company News

7/30/2021 – Bion Initiates Cannabis Trials at Southern Illinois University to Evaluate Ammonium Bicarbonate as a Nitrogen Fertilizer

7/20/2021 – Bion Announces Agreement with University of Nebraska-Lincoln for Field Corn Trial using AD Nitrogen Fertilizer

6/28/2021 – Bion Files International Patent Applications on Third Generation Livestock Waste Treatment Technology

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