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Junior Miner Begins 'Aggressive' Exploration on BC Gold Prospect
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Maurice Jackson The CEO of NV Gold provides an update on his company's projects in British Columbia and Nevada in this conversation with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable.

Maurice: Joining us for our conversation is Peter Ball of NV Gold Corp. (NVX:TSX.V; NVGLF:OTC). We're delighted to have you back on the program as NV Gold continues to have more and more exciting news for shareholders, coming from the newly acquired high-grade Exodus Gold Project located in BC (British Columbia). But before we begin, Mr. Ball, [what] is NV Gold, and what is the opportunity the company presents to the market?

Peter Ball: NV Gold is an exploration company focused on finding the next multimillion-ounce gold deposit [and] that has put together what we believe [are] some of the best and brightest tactical minds, including Dr. Quinton Hennigh, Dr. Odin Christensen, John Watson. Specifically, [we have] a focus on making discovery, and we've got a busy year ahead of us.

Maurice: Let's visit the high-grade Exodus Gold Project, where the company recently embarked on a very, very aggressive exploration program. What type of work is being conducted on-site now? And what have you learned so far about the Exodus Gold Project since the acquisition?

Peter Ball: On July 6 we announced the acquisition and the optioning into the project after we reviewed it after four months. And what we're learning is the intelligence that we've gained from not only the vendors that have been working on the project for three years, but we've engaged the vendors as [our] project manager, this gentleman named Max Keogh, a really smart geologist. [We're] taking his level of intelligence over three years, combined with another very smart individual, Mr. James Maxwell—both professional geologists, qualified persons according to 43-101. They've done a lot of work in three years.

But what we've done since July 6 is actually. . .completed a property-wide, high-resolution magmatic and radiometric survey. So we're starting to understand that, taking their intelligence [and] their knowledge of the project, and now starting to look at the early, or what we call freshly collected, data from the geophysics survey, the information from ground truthing that they've done and looking at the early stages of this geophysics. There's a great correlation. We're seeing the structures that they thought were there are sitting there under the ground.

So we're learning a lot. We've got the geophysics done. We're starting to get the information over here in the next couple of weeks. And we're also energized that today was the second day that we've been on-site with our exploration team. They're going to span out, look at the central core, and then they're going to do the northern and southern boundaries. This is a large property. We've expanded the property position by nearly close to 8%¬–9%. We found some other interesting items of the project, which we'll probably talk about over the next few weeks as we do our due diligence.

Maurice: NV Gold has a stellar technical team. And if they're ecstatic about what they're seeing already, that bodes well for the future of the company. We referenced the aggressive exploration program on the Exodus Gold Project, and I know it's early days, but when does NV Gold expect to have drill targets defined?

Peter Ball: That's interesting. So when we found this project, there [were] already drill targets defined; they've been working on this project for three years. What we want to do—again, this isn't our money, this is a shareholder's money—we want to ensure that when we do look to drill, we want to make sure every dollar on the drill bit is used efficiently and effectively. And we're vectoring into exactly where we should.

So we have drill targets identified, but we've got two months of intense surface ground truthing, we'll call it. And we will push forward probably to a dual program based on current targets, new targets and final targets for October of this year—our goal [is] September, October.

Maurice: We focused our efforts thus far on the Exodus Gold Project, but that's just really the tip of the iceberg. NV Gold has a commanding land package in Nevada with 15 highly prospective projects. Any developments to share with us from Nevada?

Peter Ball: Nevada is moving along at a fair pace. Also, we will be starting our program at our Slumber Project, completing some geophysics, following up from interesting results from the fall of 2019. So that'll commence in August, based on that CSAMT survey, which that just means this geophysical survey is going to help us determine where, within really a meter or two, where would we stick our drill hole, based on what the results are subsurface of what the geophysical survey will outline.

The secondary is another project, which we're just on boots on the ground now; we'll be talking about it in the next couple of weeks. It's Sandy, a great project. Picked it up for staking costs only, historical drill information wrapped upright inside of another active mining company, where they're getting drill results. We got it for free for $2,000, and we're going to be doing some ground shooting, push towards a drill program.

Our projects are not grassroots. These are drill-ready projects that we select two to three years. Recently, with the surge in gold, we're seeing more people in our data room. It's like Amazon shopping, NV Gold's extensive database and our projects. So we're looking to do some potential sales of assets as we move forward. It's interesting. This is the best time to drill in Nevada, so if another company wants to drill it, we've got projects for them. But we're focused on two, Slumber and Sandy.

Maurice: Switching gears, let's look at some numbers. The share price has performed quite well this month. What is the current capital structure and share price?

Peter Ball: Just to bring a little bit of a catch up on where our share price was. On May 26 we closed the financing at $0.14, oversubscribed. Great new shareholders, great new institutions. Right now we're trading at $0.37. We hit a high of $0.48 on Monday. Lots of interest—of course, gold's helping us—but we've got lots of action. News flow; the market's expecting more to come. And our share structure is about 55 million issued, so market capitalization of about $CA20 million.

Maurice: Before we close, Mr. Ball, gold hit an all-time high this week. How does the high gold price with a low oil price fit into the value proposition of NV Gold?

Peter Ball: It's always interesting watching what's happening with the oil price and what's happening around the world in regards to how the economy is allowing issues to help the gold price. I'll focus on the gold price. I'm not an oil and gas guy, but we know where gold is currently. We're sitting in the $1,900s in the U.S., which in Canada matches quite well with our BC project, is in the $2,500 range, the highest price in Canadian history.

What this does for a junior, which relates to your previous question of the capital structure: If you've got a junior exploration company run by what we believe is some of the best technical minds, focused on a gold discovery, and you add in where we're calling right now, Christmas in July for our shareholders, and the market in general—we've been waiting for this for a lifetime. High gold price, highly active junior company with lots of news flow, focused on a discovery with a very interesting high-grade gold discovery.

This gold price factors in significantly to the value proposition, as you said, in regards to where we could go. We're going to make every effort to get there. We're going to execute, follow through, be 100% available and transparent to our shareholders.

Maurice: Names excluded, you shared with me before our conversation here today that you're receiving several phone calls from some high-net-worth individuals. Can you share some of that conversation with us?

Peter Ball: Names excluded, the market likes a management team that takes ownership by owning large substantial of their company with great shareholders, institutional coverage, and an active company focused on a big win or hunting for the next elephant. They see that's what we're doing. They see the technical team we have. For example, we've had a couple of groups that have accumulated probably upwards of a million, 2 million and a half, shares in the market, from CA$0.25 to CA$0.45.

They see this as an opportunity to capitalize on the next stage, which is a very active program of executed programs in two countries, [in] British Columbia and Nevada, with lots of news flow. And they're saying, "If you ever want to do a financing, we're there for you. We want to support you and your team."

And that's where the market is today. The market is very excited about where the price of gold has led to providing opportunities for NV Gold, strong capital structure, great management, great ownership, great institutions. Eric Sprott is one of our largest shareholders. And we are very proud to have Bob Moriarty as a shareholder. It's going to be a good year, we're excited.

Maurice: Mr. Ball, if someone wants to get more information about NV Gold, please share the contact details.

Peter Ball: The website is I don't have a middle person, so e-mail me, [email protected] I'll answer everybody within an hour, guaranteed. And just another layer—you may call me at (888) 363-3883. That number just goes to me. So you're going to get me. You're going to leave a voicemail for me, not anybody else. And I'll get back to you within an hour.

Transparency, we represent our shareholders, we're big shareholders. Phone us or email us at any time.

Maurice: Mr. Ball, is always a pleasure wishing you and the NV Gold team the absolute best, sir.

NV Gold trades on the TSX.V: NVX | OTC: NVGLF. NV Gold is a sponsor of Proven and Probable. And we are proud shareholders for the virtues conveyed in today's message.

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Maurice Jackson is the founder of Proven and Probable, a site that aims to enrich its subscribers through education in precious metals and junior mining companies that will enrich the world.


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