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Does this Device Solve the Issue of Electromagnetic Radiation?
Contributed Opinion

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Ron Struthers Ron Struthers of Struthers Resource Stock Report profiles a small-cap whose device changes electromagnetic radiation to a benign state.

There is a large health issue that few know about and does not see much press, but it is there for everyone to see buried in the fine print when you buy most cell phones. I am talking about electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that is emitted with electronic devices, such as cell phone signals and Wi-Fi that everyone is using more and more. The new 5G network will only increase EMR much further and the health risks are unknown.

EMR is radiant energy released by an electromagnetic process. This energy moves at the speed of light, characterized by its wavelength and frequency. The electromagnetic spectrum is the range of all possible frequencies of EMR, where energy is proportional to frequency. Itís important too to note that the intensity of an approximately spherical source of electromagnetic radiation has an inverse square relationship with distance. For example, the field intensity a meter from an EM source will be four times greater than the intensity 2 meters away, and nine times greater than a measurement taken 3 meters away from the source. The current level from cell phones is low but it is very close to the body and even touching.

In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified mobile phone radiation as Group 2B "possibly carcinogenic" (rather than Group 2A "probably carcinogenic," or the "is carcinogenic" Group 1). That means that there "could be some risk" of carcinogenicity, so additional research into the long-term, heavy use of mobile phones needs to be conducted. You can find a very good explanation on Electromagnetics at the National Cancer Institute.

What is very concerning to me is the new 5G network, and you should be very concerned too. This new technology takes a radical jump upward in electromagnetic energy/frequency, up to 40 times higher.

Here is another graphic from the Cancer Institute that compares EMR sources. 5G can have a much higher frequency than microwaves.

5G is new and there has been no studies on possible health effects, and I just know it can't be good. Most likely it will turn out like so many things that we learn decades later, after the fact, that it causes cancer.

I am not the only once concerned; check a brief youtube video by Devra Lee Davis, founding director of the Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology of the U.S. National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences, and founding director of the Center for Environmental Oncology, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, who has taught at the University of California, San Francisco and Berkeley, Dartmouth, Georgetown, Harvard, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and other major universities. She says that the 5G wavelengths used in IoT have never been tested for health effects, and may adversely impact our skin and sweat glands.

There are health issues with cell phones long before 5G. The iPhone has a radiation warning deep in the legal section of its ďAbout" menu. Many cell phones have similar warnings. Samsung's Specific Absorption Rate testing that falls within acceptable limits are done at a 1.5cm distance away from the phone, or about 1/2 inch. Most people do not hold the phone away from their ear/cheek. To meet RF exposure guidelines, body-worn devices should be positioned at least that distance away.

The good news is that there is technology currently available that solves this problem by changing the potentially harmful EMR to a benign state. This little tech company is going to make a killing with this and its sales are already starting to move strongly. I am talking about American Aires.

American Aires Inc. (WIFI:CSE), Recent Price $0.58

Shares outstanding 110 million

Approximately 40 million shares by founders and 25 million at IPO at 30 cents (no warrant). Approximately 58 million shares in escrow with a tightly held public float of 52 million shares.

Aires is a nanotechnology company that has developed the only functioning technology that is capable of reducing the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. I met with the CEO, Dimitry Serov of Toronto, several months ago, long before the company went public. The review by the securities exchange was very extensive and WIFI was pleased with the eventual go ahead. The early technology was developed by Dimitry's father, Igor Serov. I have been using the product for about a year and got one for each of my siblings.

Key facts:

  • The technology has been developed for more than 10 years;
  • US$ 20 million invested in the R&D;
  • It has 11 Patents and 14 more pending;
  • Proprietary manufacturing process with low unit cost;
  • Numerous independent tests, including Canada's Trent University;
  • Several tech awards and recognition in Belgium and France;
  • At least 20 scientific papers prove the technology

A few slides from its presentation will help explain the technology.

There are at least 20 scientific papers that prove the technology works. I have gone over a few of them and you have to be a real techie or scientist to fully understand them. This is a sample of one from its presentations that you can see the effect of a cell phone on the brain and how Aires neutralizes it.


WIFI issued 25.2 million shares at its IPO listing priced at 30 cents, raising $7,560,000. This will be ample money to execute on its business plan, expanding sales and distribution of its unique technology.


WIFI's technology is very valuable tech that will allow mankind to safely integrate with the technology of today. It is unique and will be disruptive to the mobile device market. From what I have learned about it, even if there were no patents, it would be too difficult copy. The antenna is a printed circuit board that is manufactured ye Evergreen PCB in Hong Kong and the Aires microprocessors are made by On Semiconductor Corp., a $10 billion company listed on NASDAQ:ON.

In December, a very influential marketer, Drew Green, joined WIFI as chairman. Mr. Green is the CEO, president and a director of Indochino. A visionary leader, Mr. Green has created one of the world's fastest growing apparel brands. Mr. Green has been recognized for his accomplishments throughout his career. In 2017, Mr. Green was awarded the Innovation in Retail award. In 2018, he was awarded Breakout Retailer of the Year and was selected as the Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young, (EY) becoming a member of EY's Entrepreneur of the Year Hall of Fame in 2019.

Over the past four years, Indochino launched and then expanded its retail network across North America to now include over 50 showrooms, with as many as 150 additional showrooms planned for 2020 to 2024. Prior to Indochino, Mr. Green operated top 500 e-commerce marketplaces in the United States, United Kingdom and founded, Canada's first multimerchant marketplace. Throughout his career, Mr. Green has played key leadership roles at companies that have created billions in shareholder value: DoubleClick (acquired by Google), (acquired by Market America), Flonetwork (acquired by DoubleClick) and now Indochino, a privately held company whose share price has increased over 1,500% during his tenure as chief executive officer.

I expect the company will end up being bought out by one of the mobile device companies, like Apple, Samsung, Google, etc. Another likely outcome is large licensing fees or joint ventures with these companies. When the technology sees wider adaption, these mobile companies will be forced to act. These first products of commercialization are intended to gain consumer adoption

Currently the company is projecting a potential $17 billion market size with only 1% penetration on IoT devices, microwaves and baby monitors. This only considers an average price of US$55 per Aires product sold, which is its bottom priced product. Historically the company has averaged US$292 per internet sale.

In its last quarterly statement ending September 30, 2019, the company had almost CA$500,000 million in sales revenue over 9 months. This was only web-based sales from its website, from internal organic growth and word of mouth. With a significant ad budget and Drew Green helping to lead the charge, I expect we will see dramatic increases in sales revenues. The company is looking to build an e-commerce infrastructure that can support up to 10,000 sales per day with a target of 1,000 per day by the end of the year.

I am currently using the Shield Pro that easily sticks to the back of your mobile device and it is so slim, the phone case still fits on the phone with no problem.

Ron Struthers founded Struthers' Resource Stock Report 23 years ago. The report covers senior and junior companies with ample trading liquidity. He started his Millennium Index of dividend stocks in 2003 - $1,000 invested then was worth over $4,000 end of 2014 and the index returned 26.8% in 2016. He retired from IBM after 30 years in customer service, systems and business analyst, also developing his own charting software. He has expertise in junior start-ups and was a co-founder of Paramount Gold and Silver.


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