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For 27 years, Ron Struthers, founder and editor of Struthers' Resource Stock Report and, has consistently beat the comparable benchmarks selecting stocks in the precious metals, oil & gas, clean-tech and disruptive technology sectors. In 2017, 35 stocks in the precious metals sector saw an average gain of 62% and energy clean-tech an average gain of 65%. In disruptive technology, 16 picks saw an average gain of 55%. Past performance is no guarantee of future gains. Struthers leverages his vast network of contacts, approaches investments from a value perspective seeking several 100% gain potential and uses technical analysis to aid in buy and sell levels.

Recent Articles

The Fed Pivot Will Be Too Late 02/01/2023

Ron Struthers from believes the gold market is starting a new bullish phase, and major market indexes should go a bit higher on pivot hopes. However, Struthers thinks the Fed pivot will come too late, well into a recession. Also, he shares some suggestions in expected bullish trends with gold and a natural gas bottom.

Something Breaks in 2023 01/17/2023

Ron Struthers believes that specifically, the debt market could break. The U.S. ran about a US$1.4 trillion deficit in 2022 (ended September) that Struthers believes will swell to US$2.5 trillion in 2023.

The Economy May Not Look Good but Oil and Energy Transport Stocks Do 11/29/2022

Expert Ron Struthers believes consumers are on an unsustainable path of wracking up credit card debt, and it is only a matter of when the economy buckles, meanwhile big profits are being made by tanker companies and oil and gas/energy transmission companies as supplies continue to tighten.

Winter Is About To Wake up the Natural Gas Price 11/21/2022

An unusually warm October has helped natural gas inventories, but gas prices don't seem to believe it. Oil has seen three days of heavy selling volume ending with a hammer candle stick Monday. Birchcliff, Callon, and Earthstone should benefit.

The Fed Has Lots of Room To Move Rates Higher 11/04/2022

The Fed's mandate is 2% inflation and maximum employment. Expert Ron Struthers believes they have lots of room to soften the job market. Struthers also sees promise with three stocks. Gilat Satellite is growing sales, Callon Petroleum is undervalued, and Zonte Metals has a unique situation.

Gold Is At/Near a Bottom, Let's Make Over 5% Yield With Newmont While We Wait 11/01/2022

The decline in gold prices will not last forever, and we just witnessed a double bottom and now heard Central Banks are buying at a record pace. Newmont mining is expert Ron Struthers' go-to stock when gold prices start to move, and he believes it currently offers great value with an over 5% dividend yield.

Expert Says, 'Shell Plc. Should Have a Higher Valuation' 10/20/2022

More and more North American natural gas will end up as LNG to Europe in the coming years. Soon we will compete on price. Expert Ron Struthers believes Shell Plc. offers a compelling valuation compared to its peers and will benefit from this market transition.

Lumber Stocks Are Over Valued and Poised for a Plunge 10/15/2022

Markets will remain in a bear market for some time, and it is best to look for short trades. Lumber stocks ran up in price with high lumber prices and a post-Covid-19 recovery in the economy. They are priced too high and not reflecting lower lumber prices and a softer housing market induced by a coming recession.

Expert Shares Three Stocks He Believes Are of 'Great Value' 10/07/2022

Expert Ron Struthers believes TC Energy is a well-run pipeline company as it is yielding about 6.5% and has increased its dividend every year since the turn of the century. He also discusses how oil tanker rates are soaring as the market tightens more with the Ukraine war, but DHT Holdings is a laggard worth a look.

The Perfect Storm for Oil and Natural Gas 09/27/2022

Numerous positive influences on oil and gas prices are looking to converge this winter in North America and Europe. Expert Ron Struthers believes oil and gas stocks have been oversold and offer very good value, and he highlights two he thinks are worth your attention.

GCM Mining, Have Your Gold and High Dividends Too 08/24/2022

Historically, dividends make up about 50% of stock market returns, so they are important. Not often can you find a solid, growing gold company with stellar management that is also offering over a 5% dividend yield. Expert Ron Struthers reviews the latest updates in gold stocks as well as GCM Mining Corp.

Bear Market Rally Ending Soon 08/08/2022

A look at recent economic and market indicators that allude to more stagflation and not the outlook mainstream analysts are expecting. In other news, Greenbriar Capital Corp. is negotiating the purchase of a real estate franchise network to compliment its Sage Ranch 995 unit housing development.

Is Sustainable Housing a Better Alternative to REITs? 04/04/2022

This sustainable housing and renewable energy company has two solar projects, but its 995-unit sustainable housing development in California is going to give a near-term reward.

Two Advanced Juniors to Benefit from Copper's Bull Market 02/16/2022

The supply-demand characteristics for copper are very bullish and prices are in a strong up trend. There has been over a decade of underinvestment in the mining sector and as a result it will be many years to bring on any significant new production. Element 29 has two advanced projects in Peru and Midnight Sum Mining has a new discovery in Zambia that has attracted Rio Tinto as a partner.

Solar Stocks Shining Bright Again With Greenbriar Capital 01/20/2022

Solar is back. A 10-year chart of the Invesco Solar ETF (TAN) of solar-based stocks shows the surge in price and volume. This pull-back in the sector provides a buying opportunity.

Why Buy This Stock While It's Still Very Cheap, Analyst Explains 11/17/2021

Expert analyst Ron Struthers — founder and editor of Struthers' Resource Stock Report — breaks it all down, in a November 15 report, about what makes Inomin Mines Inc. his latest pick.

Junior Miners Rebounding After 9 Month Correction; Inomin is Great Value 11/01/2021

With rising inflation, the gold price is a coiled spring. Senior and junior miners as shown in the TSX Venture index have begun to rally with anticipation. Inomin Mines has advanced stage projects in favorable jurisdictions and a very low valuation, writes Ron Struthers of Struthers Resource Stock Report.

Atlas Salt: Simple, Environmentally Friendly & Huge Potential Cash Flow 09/08/2021

Atlas Salt has a unique project on the west coast of Newfoundland. I would venture to say it is the best risk/reward scenario in the province. Strategically located, the Great Atlantic Salt Project can serve significant North American demand and is uniquely positioned to capture market share from overseas countries with higher shipping costs.

Two Gold Discoveries Under the Radar 04/27/2021

Ron Struthers of Struthers Resource Stock Report details the investment thesis for Galway Metals, which has two "advanced-stage" prospects in Canada.

Recent Quotes

"MINE's La Gitana gold property in Mexico will be a mine."

— Ron Struthers, Struthers Resource Stock Report (1/7/22)
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"MINE completed a five hole drill program at Beaver-Lynx."

— Ron Struthers, Struthers Resource Stock Report (11/15/21)
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"MINE has strong potential to advance three of its projects to mines."

— Ron Struthers, Resource Opportunities (11/1/21)
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"This is a good time to update NRG; we could see some fireworks soon."

— Ron Struthers, Struthers Resource Stock Report (7/20/21)
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"PAT secured a CA$975K contract from Canada's defense department."

— Ron Struthers, Struthers Resource Stock Report (2/5/20)
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"GBR intersected 16.8 g/t Au over 4.15m in the new Gap zone at Dixie."

— Ron Struthers, Struthers Resource Stock Report (12/16/19)
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"GBR's Dixie is going to be a large discovery and high grade."

— Ron Struthers, Struthers Resource Stock Report (12/5/19)
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"GBR proved a new gold zone at Dixie between Yuma and Auro."

— Ron Struthers, Struthers Resource Stock Report (10/30/19)
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