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Company Repurposing Threat Detection Platform to Assist in Fight Against Covid-19

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Patriot One's is harnessing its AI-driven platform to be highly relevant to the pandemic.

Patriot One Technologies Inc. (PAT:TSX; PTOTF:OTCQX), developer of the PATSCAN Multi-Sensor Threat Detection Platform to detect weapons and physical threats in public venues, has now has added Health Safety modules to its Platform to assist in the fight against Covid-19.

"At its heart Patriot One is a data company; it's about our Artificial Intelligence/machine learning software," shared Patriot One CEO Martin Cronin. "And so we are repurposing some of our threat detection solutions to be relevant to the Covid-19 crisis. We're using AI to process a great amount of data that can allow for some semblance of normal life to resume while keeping people safe in those environments."

For instance, the company has done work with thermal cameras for weapon detection. "We decided to offer a thermal solution for elevated body temperature, but it's not as easy as just throwing up a thermal camera, which is what a lot of people are doing, because the tolerances on a regular commercial-grade thermal camera—plus or minus five degrees Celsius—are useless," Cronin explained. "We're using AI to compensate for the deficiencies of the hardware and will identify the anomalies with people who are displaying a body temperature above a normal reading."

Patriot One is working with the University of British Columbia's Department of Kinesiology to map temperature distribution in the body. "This way we can truly understand the differences between an elevated body temperature from it just being a hot day or from somebody exerting themselves, as compared to an elevated body temperature from inflammation fever," Cronin said.

The company is also developing a recursive tracking tool. Cronin explains that if somebody comes into a facility and is displaying signs of fever or infection, "you can then ask the system where they've been, who they met, what places they touched, so that you can then contain things without having to shut down the whole facility and quarantine everybody."

In addition, Patriot One has also developed a facial mask detection module to identify whether people are wearing masks in places where they are mandatory. Furthermore, the Platform team is working on a social distancing module for health safety compliance in building and event venues.

"Biological threats are just another invisible threat we are looking for," Cronin explained. "So it's not a departure from our mission of identifying and alerting on visible and unseen threats; detecting biological virus is on the same continuum as detection of a physical weapon or potential disturbance/altercation, so it's a natural addition to everything that we have been doing."

"As an AI-driven software company, we can use our AI/machine learning and computer vision skills to be highly relevant to this Pandemic," Cronin stressed, "as well as in other areas."

Patriot One's AI subsidiary Xtract Technologies, based in Vancouver, has been working with Vancouver General Hospital and Amazon Web Services, looking at lung CT scans to help radiologists identify the increased risk of the progression of the Covid-19 virus.

The company has been using AI for other health-related areas. "We have been working with Health Canada to use AI tools to scan published medical literature for speeding up vaccine development," Cronin said. The company also received a grant from Health Canada to use AI to increase the success rate of organ donation and transplantations.

Patriot One's team has also been winning contracts in other areas. The company announced at the end of May that it signed a contract with Canada's Department of National Defence (DND) to "provide better situational awareness for Canadian firefighters. The outcome will be a solution that will provide innovative devices, applications, personal protective equipment and technology to help firefighters work in a more Head Up Hands Free (HU/HF) mode of operation on the fire ground," the company stated. "It is about using thermal imaging to identify people in inside smoke-filled rooms, etc.," Cronin explained.

The firm received another contract from Canada’s DND, this one to look for ways for Army operations to operate covertly. The company proposes to "leverage recent advances in deep learning and computer vision, along with novel deep learning technology, to develop a system capable of assessing the efficacy of any existing or developed adaptive and multi-spectral concealment and camouflage technologies or materials. This will guide the development of technologies that optimally reduce visual and infrared detection of soldiers and vehicles and enhance the performance of materials designed to eliminate detection in dynamic environments in real time," Patriot One announced on May 27.

"These contracts with Canada’s DND are doing things actually that are very similar to what we do with our core PATSCAN products," Cronin explained. "It's about sensor fusion; it's about the representation of data. So when you have soldiers in a complex, built-up environment, a heads-up display can flag the things which are of concern, showing where weapons are, showing where people in uniform are, etc."

Patriot One also has been actively moving ahead with its PATSCAN Platform, and in June 2020 announced an alliance with the Los Angeles Football Club and Banc of California Stadium to form the Stadium & Event Safety Strategic Alliance to enhance security and arena safety at Banc of California Stadium. The alliance "will utilize groundbreaking security technology to turn Banc of California Stadium into a global showcase venue to advance the vision of safety and security for public gathering spaces," the company announced. All of PATSCAN's solutions will be installed in that stadium, which will be used as a showcase for other professional sports franchises.

"The objective of 'The Stadium & Event Safety Strategic Alliance' is to establish a consortium of professional sports and stadium security professionals to evaluate and pilot new physical security technologies, including those focused on health and safety due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic and shutdown," explained Phil Lancaster, Patriot One's SVP of Business Development & Government Relations. "The group will also invite thought leaders within the event and professional sports safety and security space to participate and discuss ways in which these new innovations can help shape the future of large-scale events, while mitigating acts of terrorism, active shooters, and viral and contagious threats."

Cronin explained that the Banc of California Stadium security director is very well regarded in industry. "He will be an advocate for what we're doing. They're very innovative and focused not just on security and what we do, but also on what the stadium of the future looks like. They see security as one of the key pieces in designing the stadium of the future so that it's as seamless and unobtrusive as possible, so they can keep people safer, but ensure that the fan experience is a positive one. They don't want to just layer on a lot of intrusive security that makes people say, I can get a better experience watching at home or in a bar, and people stop coming to games. They see advanced security as a key feature of the fan experience. And that's good for us because the way we approach security is to be as seamless and unobtrusive as possible."\

"Right now everybody's concerned about Covid-19, but maybe in six months' time they'll be less concerned and perhaps the pandemic will evolve into regional outbreaks that need to be contained, so people aren't necessarily going to be scanning everyone for body temperature all the time," Cronin said. "Our view is to deploy our Platform that does all these other things to detect weapons coming into a facility, and then whenever you have an outbreak of Covid-19, or indeed any future viral threat, you can switch on the function to look at elevated body temperature, mask and social distancing compliance, and contact tracing to mitigate the viral outbreak quickly, before it becomes a pandemic.

"Our AI team has tools that are relevant across lots and lots of sectors. Hardware is a means to an end; what we deal with is complex data. We're an AI company that can analyze complex data. Our core business is the detection of threats, but the same tools are showing themselves to be relevant to Covid-19 and to other applications," Cronin concluded.

Patriot One has 149 million shares outstanding, 193.1 million fully diluted.


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