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How I Became a Multimillionaire at 33
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Tom Beck, senior editor of Portfolio Global Wealth, explains the investment strategy that was successful for him.

I wasn't brought up rich—not at all.

In fact, I started working early. At age 12, I was babysitting and assisting a minor league basketball coach. At 13, I was already a salesman at a clothing store. And by the time I got my motorcycle license, the entire neighborhood was getting their pizzas from me. I even painted wooden decks.

I am grateful for those experiences because they made me think, when I was just 18, about what it would require of me to earn a salary that would allow me to fulfill a long and exciting bucket list of dreams.

My vision board included trekking in New Zealand, diving with sharks in Spain, learning to ski, sleeping in the Bellagio Suite, and meeting African children and helping them become educated and skilled.

This journey led me to realize that I needed to do more than just earn substantial sums of money, but to also do it in a way that allowed time flexibility, location flexibility, and, most importantly, it was mandatory that I would be able to increase my pay as I increased in skills.

Speaking with adults and academics, mentors, and my folks, I realized that this type of job wasn't available and did not exist!

"Tom, check the highest-paid employees in the market and you'll notice these are not young people. You'll have to climb up the ranks, and it takes 20 years at least, if you ever get there," said my parents—and they were right.

Peak earning years are ages 45–54.

My quest to become a millionaire at 30 was instantly changed when a mentor of mine told me to find 3 people who succeeded at this feat and emulate what worked for them.

I did just that!

How to Become a Millionaire at 30 and a Multimillionaire at 33
The individuals who make this fortune in the first decade of their adult lives are categorized below:

1. Athletes/Show Business—Singers, Actors, Performers/Supermodels: This group uses their youth to become rich. It's a small group, and they have limited amounts of time to leverage their talents because the market appreciates what they have to offer until the age of 35-40 (some performers do thrive for decades).

I never stood a chance here.

2. Geniuses: Those are whiz-kids, with insane abilities to build breakthrough technologies, like PayPal, Snapchat, Facebook, Google and others.

I never stood a chance here, either.

3. Non-Conformists Who are Passionate About Value Creation: This is where most young millionaires are found. They realize, at some point or another, that if they want to achieve extraordinary things, they can't do it with ordinary plans.

For me, it was a combination of real estate niches I've developed and mastered, which require none of my own funds. I'll share these with Portfolio Wealth Global free members next month, with highly developed marketing and sales skills, 3 businesses, and amazing partners.

Then, it was my partnership with a small-cap stock guru that propelled my career to the highest level and made Portfolio Wealth Global a supreme newsletter and a hub for natural resources, marijuana, Blockchain and cutting-edge technology stocks.

But what really made it possible was "shaking off all failures at a heartbeat!"

What if You're Not Rich at 30?
The stumbling block most face is that once they become enlightened and realize they will work all their lives and have little to show for it, they're afraid to lose what they already invested so many years building: a career.

They're absolutely right! No one should take a leap of faith, drop everything they're doing, and start anew. Instead, they should develop secondary income streams.

During the months of May and June, I will introduce to Portfolio Wealth Global newsletter members 5 specific strategies to develop extra streams of income that will change how you live and liberate you, if you follow them, from your day job (if that's your goal).

Tom Beck is senior editor of Portfolio Wealth Global. Known as one of the first millennial millionaires in the United States, Beck is a relentless idea machine. After retiring two years ago at age 33, he's officially come out of retirement to head up Portfolio Wealth Global. He brings a vision of setting a new record for millionaires with his seven-year plan to accelerate any subscribers' net worth who will commit to the income lifestyle. Beck delivers new ideas on the marketplace that were once only available to the rich. Traveling the world, he's invested in over a dozen countries, including real estate.

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