Cancer Fight Stalls Amid Push for Profits, Doctors Say


"The excitement generated by targeted drugs, which interfere with specific molecules involved in tumor growth and suppression, has been short-lived."

Progress against cancer is stalling, with the latest targeted cancer drugs failing to live up to expectations and priced so high that treatment is becoming unaffordable even in rich countries, according to experts at a meeting of nearly 100 eminent cancer specialists from around the world.

At the two-day meeting in Lugano, Switzerland, the doctors agreed a 10-point declaration, to be published early next year, which will chart the way forward for cancer care around the globe. Much needs to be done, they believe, to improve treatment, care and prevention both in the developed world and in poor countries, where cancer rates are rising even faster. They agreed to embark on an ambitious plan to get essential cancer care to those who are dying early in developing countries, in the same way that AIDS doctors took on the fight to get HIV treatment into hard-hit Africa.

The meeting of the World Oncology Forum, organised by the European School of Oncology and attended by experts such as epidemiologists Sir Richard Peto and Prof Michel Coleman as well as the government's national cancer director, Sir Mike Richards, agreed urgent action was needed on many fronts. . .View Full Article

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