Top 10 Pharma Firms


"Companies earned a spot in the top 10 based on market cap at the end of Q2/12 and Q2/11."


Below are the top 10 pharmaceutical companies based on market capitalization at the end of Q2/12, and the year-ago quarter, calculated by multiplying the number of outstanding shares by the share price. U.S. companies generally report their numbers of outstanding shares in their 10-Q quarterly earnings filings with the Securities & Exchange Commission. Companies based outside the U.S. either disclose market cap directly, or their numbers of shares "in issue" or "in free issue" in half-year and full-year results disclosures.

For all companies, closing share prices as of the dates of their outstanding-shares figures can be found through any of several free stock information websites. Figures of non-U.S. companies were converted from various currencies.

gentop10.1 gentop10.2

1Converted from euros to USD as of Aug. 15; market cap for 2011 reported by company.
2Converted from GBP to USD as of Aug. 15.
3Reported by company to tenths only.
4Converted from CHF to USD as of Aug 15.

Alex Philippidis, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News

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