Australian Mining Boom Generates Huge Wealth


"Western Australia, which contains 13 of the nation's richest towns, is the center of the mining boom."

Australian mining

The Telegraph, Jonathan Pearlman

New census data shows a remote coastal area in northern Western Australia has the country's highest incomes, with average annual earnings of more than 68,000.

And the town with the greatest number of high-earners is the small mining port of Dampier, where almost a quarter of households bring in more than 140,000 a year. The 13 richest towns in Australia are all in Western Australia, the centre of the mining boom.

Sydney's highest-earning suburbs on the city's lower north shore have average annual incomes of about 45,000. Melbourne's are lower still, at around 40,000.

The list, compiled from the recently released 2011 census figures, shows the dramatic impact of China's thirst for Australian resources. . .View Full Article

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