Twitter: Ten Natural Gas Traders Worth Following


"Investors must stay on top of developing news and breaking trends in this volatile industry. One of the best ways to stay in the know is to utilize Twitter."

Natural gas trading has grown to be one of the most dominant industries in the commodity world. With violent daily movements and consistent volatility, natural gas futures and the ultra-popular United States Natural Gas Fund have become ideal instruments for active investors. In order to make proper trades on the fast-paced natural gas industry, investors must stay on top of developing news and breaking trends. One of the best ways to keep updates on natural gas markets and trends is to utilize Twitter. It may be difficult for some to view Twitter as a viable source for trading info, but there are a number of professionals who aim their tweets at keeping their followers in the know. Below, we outline 10 must-follow natural gas Tweeple to give you the best information for your commodity trades.

  1. @gasmarkets: The Twitter handle for Natural Gascomes as with more of a research based strategy than technical trading. This account will help give you a more macro view of the commodity as well as trends that may develop down the line.
  2. @gas_trading: Natural Gas Trading is one of the best resources for natural gas traders. With constant updates on the NG world, it is a shame that this handle doesn’t have the widespread following it deserves.
  3. @NatGasInvesting: This is hands down one of the best resources for keeping up with breaking developments in the NG world; just ask one of their 8,500+ followers.
  4. @naturalgasenrgy: Natural Gas News is a great resource for those who are more focused on the equity side of things, as many of their updates feature news on NG stocks (as well as futures).
  5. @PlattsGas: Platts Gas covers natural gas prices, regulations, pipeline projects, sales, assessments and more according to their account description. They currently have around 8,000 followers benefiting from their slew of data/news-related tweets.
  6. @NatGasAmericas: This account features constant updates on NG trends and developments within North, Central, and South America.
  7. @NatGasAsia: Those domiciled in Asia would be best served by this handle, as it features 5+ updates each day on natural gas trends in the world’s largest and most populous continent.
  8. @natgaseurope: European investors would be best served by this account, which is one of the more active of this entire list.
  9. @exxonmobil: With over 21,000 followers and one of the largest companies in the world, who is also one of the biggest NG producers, this account will be an ideal source for NG news and updates.
  10. @CommodityHQ: Last but certainly not least, following our Twitter feed will provide you with great details on the NG world and developments on its price movements.

You can also follow The Energy Report's updates on Twitter @SWEnergyReport.

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