How You Can Profit from Fluctuating Oil Prices


"Jason Burack discusses large-cap stocks with potential and profiles a junior company in which he sees a great deal of headroom."

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In discussing his new report on the oil markets, analyst Jason Burack, co-founder of Wall St. for Main St., tells about some large-cap stocks with potential, and discusses a junior company in which he sees a great deal of headroom.

Kate Stalter: Today, my guest is Jason Burack. Recently, through your company Wall Street for Main Street, you issued a new report about the energy sector. Why don't you start out just telling us a little bit about the report, and what you found?

Jason Burack: We originally wrote this report because of a lot of the rhetoric on TV from the mainstream media, and we were just tired of hearing the politicians come on and just blame these greedy speculators on Wall Street and these evil large oil companies.

We just wanted to get people the truth about the market, first of all—what really goes on in the oil market. We already knew a lot about that for years, but we spent an extra two-plus months researching that, and then we wanted to help people profit on top of this from all this additional knowledge. That's where we fit in here with that.

In terms of the oil market here right now, we're contrarians and we're value investors, so we're looking to try to find opportunities where the market has really mispriced something. Over the next 24 months or so, something can really recover and then reverse back to the mean. . .View Full Article

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