Significant News for Ucore


"'On this announcement, the stock has risen 13% on above average volume.'"

There has been a significant new development in the continuing growth of Ucore Rare Metals Inc. (UCU:TSXV or UURAF:OTC). Today Ucore announced the permanent addition to their management team of an experienced, major-league Chief Operating Officer. He brings a world of experience and know how.

As Ucore said, "He's an accomplished mine development specialist with a reputation for bringing advanced stage properties to production on minimal turnaround and in a highly efficient and economical manner. He has a tremendous track record, is highly regarded in the mine engineering community, and brings a significant depth of experience managing and developing mining operations in Alaska."

This announcement brings the potential of Ucore to the broad investment community. What does such a move mean to Gold Stock Trades' subscribers?

The addition of a major league player as a Chief Operating Officer validates what GST has been saying all along. Ucore will grow as an important factor in the growth and development of an American heavy rare earth company on domestic soil.

Of additional interest is the pedigree of this important player Ken Collison. He not only brought Thompson Creek into production as a major molybdenum producer but was responsible for the growth of the Coeur D'alene division in Alaska. His skill is bringing projects into production in an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly manner. This is exactly what was needed to cause the investment community to take notice of Ucore as it is in the process of finalizing its Preliminary Economic Assessment by the end of the first quarter 2012. On this announcement, the stock has risen 13% on above average volume.

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