Goldman Sachs Says Oil Prices Will Soar to $130 in 12 Months. . .We Told You That Weeks Ago


"Oil-related stocks—and energy investments in general—are 'must have' portfolio holdings. . .but how do you play them?"

Wall Street heavyweight Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is now predicting that oil prices will soar in the next 12 months, with London-traded Brent crude reaching $130 a barrel and U.S.-traded West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude reaching $126.50.

The fact that oil prices will soar wasn't a surprise to readers of Private Briefing—we made a similar prediction to the charter subscribers of our new premium investment-advisory service six weeks ago.

Furthermore, we showed subscribers how to profit.

Goldman analysts really believe that oil prices will soar: From Monday's closing prices ($110.30 for Brent and $86.92 for WTI), the heavyweight investment bank's 12-month target prices for oil would represent an 18% gain for the London-traded crude and a 46% gain for its U.S.-traded counterpart.

Worries that the U.S. malaise and Eurozone debt crises would sap global demand have caused oil prices to fall from higher levels back in the spring. In its forecast, Goldman echoed some of the same points that we have made repeatedly to Private Briefing readers since it debuted back on Aug. 11— namely that demand in China, India and other emerging markets would compensate for weak growth in the developed economies.

The bottom line: There's little doubt oil prices will soar. That makes oil-related stocks—and energy investments in general—"must have" portfolio holdings.

The only question is: How do you play it?

Here at Money Morning, and also in Private Briefing, our experts have said this time and again: The time to make energy-related investments is when energy prices are low. Although Private Briefing has been around for just a bit more than a month subscribers who have followed our energy-related recommendations have already logged some nice returns of as much as 18%.

And there's plenty of upside to come.

When the 800-pound gorilla of Wall Street starts pushing energy as a top investment idea, you can bet others on "The Street" will follow suit. Knowing what Goldman Sachs is up to means it's time for you to get serious about your energy-related investments.

In Private Briefing, we told readers first—and showed them how to profit.

Given our repeated predictions that oil prices will soar, you can expect that many recommendations are still to come.

And at only $5 a month for daily access to the best current thinking of our global-investing experts—who operate their own investment-advisory services that cost thousands of dollars a year—it's hard to see how you can go wrong.

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