MLP Makers: Where Do MLPs Come From?


"In MLP land, it's a mix. Some grow in the traditional slow-and-steady way, while others are created with the help of growth capital or private equity firms."

Here in Boston, tech entrepreneurs are everywhere, and so are their venture capitalist backers. The accepted route to building a multi-billion technology or internet company was memorialized in The Social Network last year (if you subtract the lawsuits and drama over cutting out your friend and co-founder). That film chronicles how The Facebook went from dorm room to Silicon Valley darling in a matter of months, before eventually becoming the ubiquitous worldwide "like" machine that it is today. The film made a hero out of Peter Thiel, who made a timely angel investment in Facebook.

But how does it work for Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), who are the backers of these companies, the Peter Thiel's of the MLP industry?

In MLP land, it's a mix. MLPs can get started organically, growing in the traditional slow and steady way before executing an IPO for growth capital. . .View Full Article

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