Junior Mining Deal Puts West Africa in Focus


"Because West Africa has a relatively short mining history, 'it just hasn't been trampled the way other places have.'"

Postmedia News, Peter Koven

A new junior mining deal has highlighted the attractiveness of West Africa's gold industry and set the stage for further consolidation in the red-hot region.

West Africa has become a very popular gold mining jurisdiction in recent years, especially since Kinross Gold Corp. paid more than $7 billion for Red Back Mining Inc. in 2010. West African nations are hot because they are vastly under-explored; many have enacted mining-friendly policies only over the past decade or two and received almost no investment before that.

"It just hasn't been trampled the way other places have (because) it hasn't had a mining history for so long," said Endeavour chief executive Neil Woodyer. . .View full article

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