Unlocking Tallow Tree's Potential as a Biodiesel Feedstock


"Producers shouldn't overlook the tallow tree as a potential methyl ester feedstock."

Biodiesel, Bryan Sims

Algae may be garnering the most attention as a viable third-generation feedstock for biodiesel production. As Gary Breitenbeck, professor in the School of Plant, Environmental and Soil Science at Louisiana State University’s Agricultural Center explained to attendees at the Energy Environmental Research Center's Biomass '11, producers shouldn't overlook the tallow tree for its equal, if not superior, benefits as a potential methyl ester feedstock.

Currently, the tallow tree is a perennial crop that can be found spread across much of the Southeast between Texas and North Carolina and grows on land unfit for agriculture. Additionally, the tallow tree has virtually no insect problems, is fast-growing, has the capacity to sequester large quantities of carbon and can produce 25 to 40 times more oil per acre than soybeans. . .View full article

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