SA Mining Unions End Strike but Reject Platinum Miner's Offer


"The wage increases are below union demand but higher than mining companies' original offer."

Mineweb, Lawrence Williams

The negotiations between members of South Africa's Chamber of Mines and the main mining unions have successfully concluded.

The Chamber of Mines said that the companies and unions involved have been able to find consensus on wage increases and other conditions of employment. The agreed compromise wage increases are below the union demand but higher than what the mining companies had originally offered.

The basic package is for the companies to increase wages as follows this year: Miners, artisans and officials will receive an increase of between 7.5% and 8%; category 5 to 8 employees between 8.5% and 9%; the minimum wage at entry level goes up by 10% in a package which benefits the lowest paid elements the most in percentage terms. . .View full article

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