PMs and Oil Show Signs of Strength


"Next few sessions will provide a better feel for gold's breakout rally."

The past couple months (May and June) have been tough on precious metals and crude oil. But recent price action shows that buyers are stepping back into the market buying up these commodities once again.

Let's take a quick look at the charts. . .

Gold Futures Daily Chart
As you can see from the chart below, gold is making a new high. The big question is if it will do what it has done many times in the past, which is make a new higher for only a few days to get the general public (herd) long, only to then get sold into and come back down? The next few sessions will give us a better feel for this breakout rally.

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Silver futures Daily Chart
Silver, on the other hand, has not performed as well as its yellow sister. Rather, we are seeing a base being formed. The exciting thing about base patterns is that the larger and longer the base takes to form, the larger the potential move once a breakout occurs.

Gold, Silver, Precious Metals, Investing, Chris Vermeulen

Crude Oil Hourly Chart
Crude oil looks to be forming a base and or inverse head & shoulders pattern. Both these patterns point to higher prices with a price target around the $110$112 area.

Gold, Silver, Precious Metals, Investing, Chris Vermeulen

Midweek Trend Report
I feel commodities are now in the spotlight and where investors will be looking to put their money to work over the next couple weeks as the falling dollar directly helps boost their prices.

The equities market continues to be volatile with large waves of buying and selling almost hitting them every trading session. During key pivot points in the market, we know pricing for investments get a little crazy at times and we manage positions accordingly and anticipate some moves. That's all for now.

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