London's Vehicles Go Green


"Government expects electric vehicles to become standard on British roads."


A low-carbon future is the only future for transportation, a British official said after introducing two electric vehicles to the government's fleet.

London aims to put thousands of electric vehicles on the road in the coming years. The government said it expects electric vehicles to become standard on British roads with roughly 1.5 million of them anticipated by 2020.

London said it deployed two Nissan LEAFs to its fleet. Both would be fueled by solar-powered charging canopies.

"A low-carbon future is the only viable future for transport," British Secretary of State for Transport Philip Hammond said in a statement. "But we must acknowledge that it is carbon, not the car, which is the problem."

The International Energy Agency said that if global targets for electric vehicles are met, there would be 20 million of the vehicles on the road by 2020. Despite the ambitious efforts, however, the IEA said that represents only 2% of the 1 billion cars expected on the roads that year.

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