DVRs Use More Energy than Your Fridge


"That magic machine uses even more energy than a flat screen TV."


DVR energy usage

Is your DVR hiking up your electric bill? Yes, yes it is. According to a new report released by the Natural Resources Defense Council (PDF), that magic machine you use to record The Real Housewives is using "more than half the energy of an average new refrigerator and more than an average new flat panel TV." And you really can't do anything about it if you're using the DVR to record shows when you aren't home! A scientist with the NRDC says, "When not displaying or recording video content, U.S. television set-top boxes (STBs) continue to use almost as much power as when they are in use. The consumer, who pays the electric bill, has little choice about what television set-top box the service provider installs and how much energy it uses." And with 160 million American's using these boxes, which never sleep, that's quite the racket!

You can start a rebellion by asking Time Warner or Cablevision to supply you with a box that meets ENERGY STAR Version 4.0. . .surely they'll be happy to oblige.

DVR energy stats

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