NJ Scales Back Renewables


"Governor Christie plans to scale back NJ's renewable energy standard."

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New Jersey's Republican Governor Chris Christie announced last week he will scale back the state's Renewable Energy Standard (RES).

Christie says he modify the RES in state's new 10-year energy master plan, to make it more "achievable," implying the previous administration's goals were not achievable.

His new RES would require utilities to source 22.5% of electricity from renewables by 2021, down from 30%. Public hearings will be held before the new target is finalized.

His announcement follows a decision earlier in the month to pull the state out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the multistate system for trading carbon credits in the Northeast US.

Christie's 10-year plan does provide increased support for offshore wind power development. The governor says he believes New Jersey can be "first in the water" with regard to planned offshore wind projects. The master plan details an offshore renewable-energy credit program - similar to a current solar power reimbursement program that has made New Jersey the #2 state in the country for solar development.

Christie says the master plan also calls for a focus on building large solar systems on landfill sites and conserving energy in state-owned buildings.

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