Thai Silver Futures to Shine


"Metal performed well in the world's major futures markets."

Thailand Business News, Boris Sullivan

Leading silver market maker confident on silver futures in Thailand The Nova Scotia Group, one of the world's leading gold and silver market makers, is confident on the prospects of silver futures in Thailand, one of their specialists in this instrument noted.

Scotia's executive, Mr. Sunil Kashyap was speaking at a seminar hosted by the Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX) to provide information on trends, techniques, and strategies of gold and silver trading. This program helped pave the way for when Thailand starts silver futures trading this June 20.

On May 24, TFEX and Thailand Securities Institutes, both in The Stock Exchange of Thailand Group, held a seminar on "Discover New Trading Opportunity with Silver Futures." Kashyap revealed,
"The main supply of gold and silver is from mining production, smelting from used gold and silver, and sales of central banks, while the demand of gold and silver is for jewelry production, industrial usage, and investment. Gold and silver investment has received dramatically great attention during these years, to manage inflation risk. Gold and silver are good investment alternatives during economic downturns as well. The surge in silver prices is also a factor attracting investors to invest more in silver and silver-underlying financial tools, such as silver futures and silver ETF."
"Moreover, silver futures trading in the world's important futures markets, e.g., COMEX , in the United States; TOCOM, in Japan, and MCX, in India, enjoyed continuous growth last year, due to the popularity in silver investment. Using silver and gold futures, investors can invest in both of these precious metals by using the gold/silver ratio, a proportion of gold and silver prices that can be used to appraise trading prices.

Short-term investors may also consider other technical factors, while long-term investors should consider fundamental factors, such as demand, supply, and exchange rates," said Kashyap.

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