China Lifts Quotas for Minor Metals


"Production quotas were increased for tungsten, tin, antimony and molybdenum."

China has raised production quotas for tungsten, tin, antimony and molybdenum, Xinhua reported on Monday, citing the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The state-owned news service said the production quota for tungsten, added to steel for toughness, concentrate was 87,000 tons this year—an 8.75% rise on the figure for 2010, while the quota for tin ore was 12.3% higher for 2011, at 73,000 tons.

The 2011 quota for antimony, used for flame proofing, is 105,000 tons, a slight rise on last year’s figure.

Molybdenum saw its output quota 7.5% higher for 2011, at 200,000 tons. The element is used to harden steel.

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