Asia Demands More Energy


"Australia's carbon taxes may put a strain on Asian supply."

Australia's mining thrives despite of a carbon tax to ensure that Asia gets the supply of the energy it requires. This report has been quoted by Prime Minister Julia Gillard for her statement to support the tax policy of greenhouse emission.

Gillard have pledged that the polluters will have to pay tax for spreading greenhouse gases from July 2012, for a fixed-price scheme.

However, on the other hand, she is facing huge opposition from political rivals and energy industries.

"Our region is hungry for energy. We are a reliable supplier to each of the countries that I'm visiting on this trip. The prospect in each country is for growth—or wanting more of our resources, particularly more of our LNG. I'm absolutely confident that we will have a bright future for our energy exports with a price on carbon," Gillard told The Australian on the sidelines of her Asian visit.

Australia will become the world's second-largest exporter of Liquefied Natural Gas and the market experts are predicting an increase of the sales as more major projects come online.

China would be increasing the demand for LPG after it removes coal and crude oil from its energy resources.

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