The Reality-Detached American


"The day of reckoning appears to be growing ever nearer."

I want to share another brilliant micro-documentary from SGTbull about how detached most Americans have become from the reality around them. This documentary also stresses the importance of making some common sense preparations now, such as those that I have listed in my recent Guide to Preparing for Crisis.

The economic situation worldwide and in the U.S particularly is becoming very precarious. Even Fed officials are speaking in the mainstream media about the potential of the U.S. being insolvent and entering into a period of rapid inflation. In addition, home prices and existing home sales continue to plummet, both key measures of a stable and healthy economic recovery. The day of reckoning appears to be growing ever nearer. While precious metals may seem expensive at the moment, you can bet that current prices will look like a bargain a year from now.

So, in addition to profiting from the leverage in mining shares, you should also consider securing physical precious metals and other key items that could quickly go scarce in the event of a crisis, such as food and water. Please watch and share this information with friends and family.

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