Perth Mint Introduces 1 oz. Pure Platinum Coin


"The Australian Platypus coin is made from 99.95% pure platinum."

The Perth Mint has introduced the Australian Platypus, a new 1oz investment coin made from 99.95% pure platinum.

Issued as legal tender under the Australian Currency Act 1965, the new coin depicts a diving platypus by Perth Mint designer Natasha Muhl. No more than 30,000 coins will be issued in 2011, with all subsequent annual releases subject to the same limited mintage.

The new coin fills a gap in the Mint's line up of investment coins, which has existed since the withdrawal of the platinum Australian Koala in 2000.

Sales and Marketing Director Ron Currie said there was renewed demand for platinum, one of the rarest elements in the earth's crust, following a tremendous ride in 2010 that delivered double-digit percentage gains to investors.

"Once again we're pleased to be offering the Australian Bullion Coin Program in a trio of precious metals gold, silver and platinum," he said. "Growing interest in platinum, limited availability and a beautiful animal design provide plenty of incentive to acquire this stunning addition to the range."

The platypus is an extraordinary member of Australia's native animal kingdom. An egg-laying monotreme (a distinction it shares with the echidna), the platypus is found in the freshwater lakes and streams of eastern Australia where it forages for prey with a highly sensitive bird-like bill. Significant in Australian culture, the platypus appears in children's literature, as a sporting mascot and also on Australia's $0.20 circulating coin.

Introduced to Perth Mint distributors during the World Money Fair in Berlin from January 2830, the 1 oz. Australian Platypus is available from the Perth Mint and its authorized dealers beginning March 1 2011.

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