Kiev Looks to U.S. for Energy Help


"U.S. to help Ukraine diversify energy sector by restoring exhausted gas fields, embracing shale gas."

Washington aims to help Ukraine diversify its energy sector by restoring exhausted gas fields and embracing shale gas, the government in Kiev said.

Ukraine is struggling to repair its reputation as an energy transit nation after a series of disagreements with the Kremlin prompted Russian energy company Gazprom to cut supplies. Disruptions in 2009 left European consumers in the cold for weeks as most of their natural gas from Russian runs through Ukrainian pipelines.

Ukrainian Energy Minister Yuri Boiko said state-owned energy companies Naftogaz and Ukrnafta need U.S. help with increasing gas recovery efforts at depleted Ukrainian fields.

Beyond conventional resources, however, he said following talks in Washington that U.S. energy companies could help Kiev with liquefied natural gas.

"Ukraine is interested in cooperation with American energy companies in order to complete (a) LNG-terminal project," he said in a statement.

Shale gas could help Ukraine diversify its energy portfolio as studies indicate the country could hold significant amounts of shale gas bearing formations.

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