Recovery Act: The Most Important Energy Bill in U.S History


"Comprehensive energy reform will create millions of jobs in the U.S."

If the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) had been an energy bill, it arguably would've been the single-most important piece of clean energy legislation in our nation's history. It drove unprecedented new investments—both public and private—into modernizing America's clean energy infrastructure. Its clean-energy provisions alone already have saved or created 63,000 jobs and are expected to create more than 700,000 jobs by 2012. Now that ARRA has run its course, we need to stay committed to these investments to keep building the U.S. clean energy industry and remain globally competitive.

Across the portfolio of Recovery Act clean energy programs demand exceeds expectations in some cases with programs receiving far more qualified applicants than current funding allows. That's why, as part of the jobs package, the president is urging Congress to act calling for additional clean energy investments, including home weatherization and advanced energy manufacturing tax credits, which could put even more Americans to work immediately.

The global competition to develop technologies for a clean energy economy is underway. We don't want to lose that competition and see tomorrow's technology and jobs of built overseas. The Recovery Act investments are a good start, stimulating American innovation and investment necessary for the U.S. to lead a new energy future. But to achieve that, we must also pass comprehensive energy reform. This will help unlock the true potential of the millions of jobs needed for the clean energy economy of tomorrow.

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