Despite Mexico's Silver Output Growth, Peru Still #1 in Silver


"Nation's silver production increased to 9,745,435 ounces in 2010."

Peru's Ministry of Energy and Mines announced Wednesday that the nation remains the world's top silver producer and second-ranked global producer of copper and zinc.

Henry Luna, mining promotion director at the ministry, said the nation's silver production increased to 9,745,435 ounces in 2010, while 58,517,037 ounces were added to the Peru's proven and probable silver reserves.

In a speech Wednesday before the 7th Congreso Internacional de Exploraciones, Luna noted that three Mexican mining operations-Penasquito, Palmarejo and Delores-increased Mexico's silver production by 41% last year. However, he added, "This does not worry us because in 2011 we are going to increase the level of production reached in 2010, maintaining the world-wide leadership of our country in silver production for several years more."

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