'One-in-a-Billion' Gold Nugget up for Auction


"The find may be the largest California nugget in existence."

gold nugget

A Nevada mining geologist said he will auction a 6-pound, 4-ounce gold nugget that was brought into his office by a California prospector last year.

Fred Holabird said the gold would be worth about $135,000 at current prices, but he believes it could fetch up to $400,000 at the March auction because it may be the largest California nugget in existence.

Holabird said the lump of gold, called the Washington Nugget, was brought to his Reno office by a gold prospector who found it near the town of Washington, Calif., in 2010, The Sacramento Bee reported Monday.

The nugget was discovered by a property owner, whose name was not released, after it was uncovered by storms.

"It truly is not one in a million," Holabird said. "It's one in a billion."

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