REEs from U308-Extraction Residual Liquid?


"Technology developed to recover REEs at uranium mines. . ."

Toshiba has developed technology for recovery of rare earth elements and rare metals at uranium mines via a solution from which uranium has been extracted. Technology for processing high-level radioactive waste is being used. Electrolysis is used to first recover rhenium, which is used as a material for jet engines, and then dysprosium and neodymium, used in motors for electric vehicles and other applications, are recovered from the residual liquid.

Demonstration tests will be conducted using test equipment installed at a mine operated by the Kazakhstan state company Kazatomprom. Toshiba is seeking to commercialize the technology in fiscal 2012.

Toshiba established a new unit on November 1 to handle development of in-house rare earth technology development. The company plans to use new technologies and sell dysprosium, rhenium and other recovered materials to expand its business.

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