Wind Turbines Whip up Excitement


"Eventually, 35 states are expected to participate."

The Wind for Schools project of the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory is churning, having installed 42 Southwest Windpower SkyStream 3.7 turbines so far, with a goal of five new turbines each year for the 11 states already part of the program.

Eventually, 35 states are expected to participate. Enough critical mass, say the researchers, for states and school districts to take on the installations themselves.

Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter said the school wind turbine projects are an important example of how Colorado is participating in the "New Energy Economy."

the Department of Energy envisions the United States getting as much as 20 percent of its electricity from wind power by 2030. The Department of Energy expects 500,000 wind-related jobs by 2030 if the 20 percent scenario comes to pass.

The project's goal is to make the wind turbines points of community pride, especially in rural areas. Wind energy can be a way to keep young adults in town, with the prospects of interesting jobs.

In late January, National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Department of Department of Energy's Wind and Water Power Program announced that five more states had been selected to receive $60,000 each in support of the Wind Powering America's Wind for Schools Project.

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