RTS Launches Trading on Copper Futures


"Launching ETF turns a new page on the Russian stock exchange market."

Effective November 24, 2010 FORTS, derivative market of RTS, starts trading on a new contract, a futures contract on copper (Trading symbol CU). The contract is a cash-settled contract. The underlying asset for the contract is priced on Grade-A copper on the global market indicated in the LME's trading system.

Launching this instrument turns a new page on the Russian stock exchange market and marks the start of the exchange trading on industrial metals. The copper futures contract is assigned for both investors wishing to make returns due to the positive trend on the copper market and diversify their investments, and large Russian copper producers and consumers wishing to hedge their risks against price fluctuations on the market of copper and copper products.

According to Evgeny Serdyukov, Director of the Futures & Options Market at OJSC RTS: "The copper futures contract will allow to extend the possibilities of financial companies and investors for investing temporary available funds. The contract will interest financial market participants, private investors due to the high levels of volatility, and it allows enterprises of the mining and smelting, cable and electronics manufacturing industries to manage market and currency risks while executing deals on copper market."

The representatives of industrialists support the implementation of this futures into the exchange trading.

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