Germany Supports Solar Power Project in Morocco


"Renewable sources of energy 'key to the better energy practices.'"

Germany announced that they have donated around $4 million to help support Morocco's Solar Energy Project. Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle made the announced late last week in a press release, saying that renewable sources of energy were key to the better energy practices in Europe and North Africa.

A press release by the German embassy in Rabat underlined that this donation, which is a part of Germany's contribution to development projects, completes its financial commitment to finance Morocco's Solar Energy project.

Westerwelle, who was on a visit to Rabat, congratulated Morocco for its "visionary commitment and the voluntary steps it has taken towards sustainable development," adding that, "thanks to its commitment, Morocco is becoming a leader in the field of solar energy, both at regional and international levels."

The $4 million donation is to be put to developing a competitive local industrial unity and elaborating and implementing a scientific research strategy which would enable Morocco's economy to benefit from major future technological innovations.

European energy experts told Bikya Masr that the German donation "will go a long way" in getting other countries to put weight to the solar energy efforts in Morocco.

Jonathan Rimpone, an Italian-British energy consultant for the EU, said that "Morocco can become the major leader in the energy sector through these projects and if Europe wants them to be successful they have to get involved."

He argued that the multi-billion dollar project needs donors because "a project of this magnitude cannot succeed without assistance."

Germany hopes to make it a reality.

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