REE Juniors: Focus on Fundamentals, Not PR


"From a junior mining perspective, the REE industry has become quite slick."

Not every rare earth junior has seen its share price move into bubble territory per se, but nobody has convinced me that the sector as a whole has not moved into that zone.

Some REE firms have done an excellent job on the PR front. . .going out of their way to explain the underlying issues and/or carving out the newsworthy aspects within their field. Commerce Resources is a great example of a company that talks first about an issue, in their case, conflict minerals and second, about its company.

Unfortunately, these pitches are few and far between. That brings us to another point about the sector. The REE industry, from a junior mining perspective, has become quite slick. The sheer number of videos, blogs and new conferences has resulted in impressive media coverage of what we would call the 'China Resource Scare.' Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily. But what should be most important to juniors is what investors are looking for. And miners that have moved down the development and exploration process should consider what end users look for as they start scouring the earth to secure raw material supplies. We see few stories covering those angles. The plethora of stories fall into one of several categories—the fear mongering, (i.e., rising use of REEs (and related minor metals) used in EVs, laptops, cell phones, etc.

For all of you junior mining firms out there seeking additional media exposure—provide some insight as to why you think a particular company has got what it takes.

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