Thai Sitcom to Promote Gold Futures


"Episode titled "Gold Gold Gold," will increase understanding about gold futures."

Thailand Futures Exchange PCL will join Money Channel to create a special episode of Bangrak Soi 9, a Thai popular sitcom on Modern Nine TV. This special episode will be called "Gold Gold Gold," and is to increase understanding about gold futures. Using a sitcom special episode to educate about gold futures is an innovation for the Thai capital market and Thai television. This special episode will be on-air on November 4 on Modern Nine TV.

"Gold futures are still a new product in Thai society and investors are less familiar with gold futures than with gold bars or gold ornaments," said TFEX Managing Director Kesara Manchusree.

"TFEX has created a new form of promoting gold futures to be easily understood and to access a wider target. TFEX is confident that after this episode is aired, investors will have better understanding of gold futures, boosting the trading of this product," said Ms. Kesara.

Money Channel has asked Exact Co., Ltd. to produce this special episode, using the same screenwriter, director, actors, etc. to maintain the mood of Bangrak Soi 9. Money Channel and TFEX will oversee the content relating to gold futures. This special episode is also supported by four brokerage firms: Kim Eng Securities (Thailand) PCL, Thanachart Securities PCL, MTS Gold Futures Co., Ltd., Hua Seng Heng Gold Futures Co., Ltd., and will include Mr. Nivate Hemvachiravarakorn, a widely-accepted investment guru. This sitcom will help enhance investors' understanding about this investment alternative related to gold.

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