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Jack Chan

Jack Chan's Weekly Gold and Silver Market Update
Source: Jack Chan for The Gold Report††(5/6/17)
Technical analyst Jack Chan charts the latest moves in the precious metals markets.
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Pretium Is Looking Forward to Bringing In the Gold at Brucejack
Source: The Gold Report††(5/4/17)
Pretium has introduced ore to the commissioning process to prepare for production at its Brucejack mine. More >

Bob Moriarty

Compared to Silver and Platinum, Gold Is Getting Really Expensive
Source: Bob Moriarty for The Gold Report††(5/4/17)
Investors can make money in precious metals without predicting the direction of prices, says Bob Moriarty of 321 Gold, by paying attention to the gold-platinum and gold-silver spreads. More >

UGE International Shines as a Leader in Commercial Solar Market
Source: The Energy Report††(5/3/17)
UGE International is solidifying its position as a leader in the commercial solar market. More >

Elliot Goldstein

The ProMIS of an Alzheimer's Cure
Source: The Life Sciences Report††(5/3/17)
With the impacts of Alzheimer's disease on patients, doctors and the health care industry expected to burgeon over the next decade, ProMIS Neurosciences has developed a preclinical program that targets the root cause of the disease, and also offers the potential to get in on an investment with a double bottom line, says Elliot Goldstein, CEO of ProMIS, in this interview with The Life Sciences Report.
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Mesoblast Heart Failure Trial Delivers Positive Interim Results
Source: The Life Sciences Report††(5/3/17)
Mesoblast Ltd., an Australia-based regenerative medicine company currently in a Phase 3 clinical trial in chronic heart failure, has received successful interim data, which prompted the Maxim Group to comment favorably on the study's design and progress. More >

Newest Mining Explorer to Trade on TSX Venture Worth Watching
Source: The Gold Report††(5/3/17)
The latest company to IPO on the TSX Venture Exchange holds an option on the Cervantes property in Sonora, Mexico, located at the intersection of two major mineralized trends. More >

Bob Moriarty

Red Eagle Exploration Expands
Source: Bob Moriarty for The Gold Report††(5/3/17)
Bob Moriarty of 321Gold describes the evolution of the Red Eagle franchise, which has successfully advanced projects in a volatile jurisdiction.
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DOE Uranium Reduction Should Help Boost Market
Source: The Energy Report††(5/2/17)
Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry issued a determination that reduces the amount of uranium the department can transfer in 2017 and 2018; the reduction should give a boost to uranium producers. More >

Michael Ballanger

Why I Use Precious Metals ETFs for Trading and Penny Stocks for Long-Term Holding
Source: Michael J. Ballanger for The Gold Report††(5/1/17)
Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger explains why he trades precious metals using ETFs, but has penny stocks as his long-term holdings. More >

What's Not Up for Gold
Source: Rudi Fronk and Jim Anthony for The Gold Report††(5/1/17)
There is a push/pull in the gold market that is testing the patience of investors, and Rudi Fronk and Jim Anthony, founders of Seabridge Gold, counsel that investors should stay calm. More >

Jack Chan

Jack Chanís Weekly Gold Update: USD and the Precious Metals Market
Source: Jack Chan for The Gold Report††(4/29/17)
Technical analyst Jack Chan charts the latest moves in the precious metals market, including how changes in the USD could affect gold prices.
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Avrupa Closes Financing and Options Portuguese Property
Source: The Gold Report††(4/27/17)
Avrupa Minerals, a prospect generator active in Europe, has closed a financing and announced that it has optioned the Alvito project in southern Portugal. More >

Good Epilepsy Data from Zynerba Pharmaceuticals Would Set Stage for Pivotal Trials
Source: The Life Sciences Report††(4/26/17)
Maxim Group noted that data from Zynerba's Phase 2 proof of concept trial will be released in the third quarter; positive data would set the stage for Phase 3 trials. More >

VistaGen's Fast-Acting Antidepressant Targets Multibillion-Dollar Market
Source: The Life Sciences Report††(4/26/17)
Maxim Group recently initiated coverage of VistaGen Therapeutics, citing its progress on development of a fast-acting therapy to treat major depressive disorders. More >

Trial Results Set Up DURECT Corp. for 'Exciting Year'
Source: The Life Sciences Report††(4/26/17)
Positive results in a Phase 1b trial of DURECT Corp.'s candidate for the treatment of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), which were presented at the 2017 International Liver Congress, prompted comments from a pair of analysts. More >

Michael Ballanger

Lumber Tariff Could Boost Canadian Gold Miners
Source: Michael J. Ballanger for The Gold Report††(4/26/17)
The tariff the Trump Administration plans to slap on Canadian lumber imports should lead to a further weakening of the Canadian dollar, a move that precious metals expert Michael Ballanger says can only help the bottom line of Canadian gold producers. More >

AudioEye Is Rapidly Making the Internet Accessible to All
Source: Streetwise Reports††(4/25/17)
AudioEye's innovative technology, which makes the internet available to people with disabilities, has led to rapid growth for the company. More >

Jack Chan

Jack Chan's Weekly Gold and Silver Update: Trends Are Up
Source: Jack Chan for The Gold Report††(4/22/17)
Technical analyst Jack Chan charts upward trends in the precious metals markets. More >

Red Eagle Declares Commercial Production at San Ramon
Source: The Gold Report††(4/20/17)
Commercial production was declared at Red Eagle Mining's San Ramon mine in Colombia, nearly five months after announcing the first gold pour.
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NexGen Drill Results Continue Expansion
Source: The Energy Report††(4/20/17)
Drill results from NexGen Energy's A3 Zone of the Arrow project have significantly expanded the zone to the northeast and have discovered massive pitchblende.
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Dark Star Shining Brightly for Gold Standard Ventures in Nevada
Source: The Gold Report††(4/20/17)
Exploration company Gold Standard Ventures has reported multiple results from its Dark Star prospect at its 100%-owned Railroad-Pinon project over the past week and a half. More >

2017 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist Update: Holding Steady in a Volatile Market
Source: The Life Sciences Report††(4/19/17)
The Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist, composed of 20 companies targeting a range of indications including blood cancers and solid tumors, irritable bowel disease and orphan diseases, has posted a modest gain since the first of the year.
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Adrian Day

Global Yields Worth Holding
Source: Adrian Day for The Gold Report††(4/19/17)
Money manager Adrian Day reviews some of the companies in his portfolio, including some global companies with yields up to 7.5%. More >

Michael Ballanger

Confusion Reigns. . .
Source: Michael J. Ballanger for The Gold Report††(4/19/17)
Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger analyzes recent movements in the gold sector. More >

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