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Boost in Mining Revenues Signals Optimistic Year Ahead Amid Operational Expansions

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Silver X Mining Corp has released its financial results for the first quarter of 2024, highlighting significant developments and achievements, which the company views as promising.

Silver X Mining Corp. (AGX:TSX.V) recently released its financial outcomes for the fourth quarter and full year of 2023, showing promising progress in its operations. The company reported a 12% increase in Q4 2023 revenue compared to Q4 2022, totaling US$4.3 million. Despite facing challenges throughout the year, Silver X managed an operating loss of US$1.0 million in the last quarter and closed the year with a net loss before tax of US$5.9 million, indicating an improvement from previous periods.

For the full year, Silver X generated US$15.7 million in revenue, up 12% from 2022, with an operating loss of US$2.6 million and a net loss before tax of US$10.8 million. These financials reflect the heavy capital expenditures, particularly the US$7.8AgEq ounce. The significant investments made throughout 2023 are expected to support the expansion and modernization of its mining operations.

Jose Garcia, CEO of Silver X, expressed optimism about the company's direction, highlighting the successful ramp-up of operations and cost-reduction initiatives. The first quarter of 2024 continued the positive trend with 363,795 oz AgEq processed, demonstrating a strong operational momentum that is anticipated to continue throughout the year.

As Silver X Mining Corp. navigates through 2024, it aims to increase its processing capacity to 700 tonnes per day, leveraging both the operational improvements and the strategic development of its mining units. This ambitious target underscores the company's commitment to enhancing its production capabilities and driving shareholder value, reflecting a proactive approach in a challenging yet promising mining sector.

Why Silver?

The silver sector is seeing a notable resurgence, fueled by several global factors that underscore its increasing value and utility. As reported by Mining Technology, the anticipated growth in global silver production is set to increase by 4.1% in 2024, marking a significant rebound primarily due to the resumption of operations previously halted in 2023.

2024 is unfolding, and others are seeing these predictions come to fruition. As Red Cloud's Timothy Lee pointed out on February 5, "These are positive results, as Silver X has quickly ramped up production to levels from before the mid-2023 shutdown faster than we had anticipated. As well, the settlement of debt for shares helps preserve working capital during this ramp-up."

Countries like Mexico, the U.S., China, and Russia are expected to see increases in their silver production, which will help meet the rising global demand. However, despite these increases, global silver mine production is expected to decline by 2030, highlighting a critical period for the silver industry to innovate and possibly increase mining efficiency.

Furthermore, EY highlights that the demand for silver is intensifying, particularly driven by the rise of clean energy initiatives.

This demand surge comes at a time when the supply is struggling to keep pace, creating a compelling need for silver miners to transition towards more sustainable and efficient operations.

The adoption of digitalization and new technologies is seen as a crucial step for improving operational efficiency and reducing environmental impacts, helping miners drive business resilience amid growing geopolitical and environmental expectations.

This dual focus on increasing production to meet demand and improving sustainability practices encapsulates the current challenges and opportunities within the silver mining sector.

The ongoing developments in renewable energy and electronics, where silver is a key component, further emphasize the metal's indispensable role in modern technology and sustainability efforts.


Silver X has shown a robust increase in production volumes, a trend that began after its operational restart and upgrades last year. This increase is not just a short-term spike; the company noted that it has set a strong precedent with its first-quarter production, indicating potential for sustained growth. Silver X is actively working toward increasing its daily processing rate, aiming to reach 700 tonnes per day, which could substantially boost production outputs and financial returns.

Moreover, according to the company, Silver X's strategic investments in mining operations and technology are poised to enhance its operational efficiency and expand its production capabilities. The company's commitment to integrating advanced technologies and sustainable practices in its operations is expected to reduce costs and improve yields, the company noted. This focus on innovation and efficiency is crucial as the company scales up its operations to meet increasing market demand, especially from industries reliant on silver for various applications.

Expert Opinions

In a February post, Technical Analyst Clive Maund expressed optimism over Silver X's potential moving forward, writing, "After the dip in its price in recent weeks, Silver X Mining Corp. stock is looking most attractive for investors here for both fundamental and technical reasons."

Maund continued, "Looking first at the fundamentals, after a successful restart of operations last September, production is ramping up, and this, combined with the implementation of effective cost-reduction measures and the streamlining of operations, should lead to a steady improvement in performance as 2024 unfolds."

2024 is unfolding, and others are seeing these predictions come to fruition. As Red Cloud's Timothy Lee pointed out on February 5, "These are positive results, as Silver X has quickly ramped up production to levels from before the mid-2023 shutdown faster than we had anticipated. As well, the settlement of debt for shares helps preserve working capital during this ramp-up."

streetwise book logoStreetwise Ownership Overview*

Silver X Mining Corp. (AGX:TSX.V)

*Share Structure as of 5/22/2024

Ownership and Share Structure

According to Reuters, Silver X has 200.36 million shares outstanding and 171.82 million free-float traded shares.

Silver X said management and insiders own approximately 14.24% of the company.

According to Reuters, President and CEO Jose Garcia owns 7.10% of the company and Vice President Sebastian Wahl owns 7.14%.

The company said institutional investors own 19%.

Some listed by Reuters include Baker Steel Resources Trust Ltd. owns 9.7%, US Global Investors Inc. owns 4%, and Sprott Asset Management LP owns 1%.

Retail investors own the remaining.

Silver X has a market cap of CA$54.10 million and a 52-week trading range of CA$0.16−0.41 per share.

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