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Mining Stocks Hit New Highs as Copper and Gold Exploration Show Promising Potential

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NevGold Corp. soared to new 52-week highs, signaling robust investor confidence. Read more about it here.

 NevGold Corp. (NAU:TSX.V; NAUFF:OTC;5E50:FSE) has reached a new 52-week high at CA$0.47-0.50. NevGold recently announced new findings from its Zeus Copper Project in Idaho, showing significant copper porphyry potential, which could indicate a fresh avenue for growth and exploration for the company involved in the emerging Hercules Copper Trend.

NevGold's findings, which were announced in a news release, come as part of a comprehensive review that included geological mapping and analysis of rock chip samples, highlighting similarities with nearby projects that also show substantial copper porphyry.

This discovery underscores a growing interest in copper and associated metals within the industry, reflecting broader market trends toward materials essential for various technological and industrial applications.

Why Gold and Copper?

The surge in interest and valuation underscores gold's appeal as a hedge against inflation. In times of economic uncertainty or when inflation rates rise, investors frequently turn to gold as a stable store of value.

Moreover, gold's intrinsic qualities as a highly conductive metal make it indispensable in numerous industrial applications, from electronics to renewable energy technologies, bolstering its long-term demand.

Copper's upside is something that analysts have pointed to with visions of a further increase going forward.

In a post from Stockhead, Westpac senior economist Justin Smirk recently said, "As shortages of concentrate bites, and refiners cut back on output at the same time as demand firms due to restocking, then copper is set to find further support in the second half of 2024."

This strategic expansion into copper exploration by associated companies like NevGold reflects a diversification strategy that leverages the conductive properties of copper, which are essential for electrical equipment and green technologies.

This diversification not only mitigates risk by broadening the resource base beyond just gold but also aligns with global economic shifts toward sustainable energy solutions, where both gold and copper play critical roles.


The recent achievements and exploratory advances by NevGold serve as key catalysts for potential growth, according to the company. The new highs reached by its stock following the revelation of significant copper porphyry potential at the Zeus Project introduce robust prospects for expansion and further exploration. These developments are particularly timely, given the increasing demand for copper in green technologies and renewable energy sectors.

NevGold's continued exploration in the copper-rich regions of Idaho positions it advantageously within a critical supply chain for essential minerals needed in the green energy transition. This strategic focus is expected to attract further investor interest and partnerships, potentially driving up its market valuation and financial performance in the forthcoming periods.

Expert Opinions

Technical Analyst Clive Maund highlighted the potential of NevGold following its recent announcements.

He pointed out that "NevGold Corp. has done very well since it was first recommended for purchase . . .  blasting almost vertically higher from a price of CA$0.34 to hit CA$0.50 on its first upleg."

Maund also noted the positive technical indicators, stating, "This is a sign that it is readying to blast almost vertically higher again in a second upwave . . .  the catalyst for it may well be the very positive news out of the company this morning." These insights underscore a strong bullish outlook for NevGold, driven by both its strategic initiatives and favorable market conditions for copper.

Maund's analysis suggests a robust technical setup for NevGold's stock, anticipating further gains based on its market activities and geological advancements. Such expert insights provide valuable perspectives for investors considering the potential for significant returns from the mining and exploration sector, particularly in valuable minerals like copper and gold.

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NevGold Corp. (NAU:TSX.V; NAUFF:OTC; 5E50:FSE)

*Share Structure as of 4/1/2024

Share Structure

According to NevGold, its strength is "a financial groundwork that supports exploration success," including strong insider ownership, a tight capital structure, and a strong balance sheet.

About 37% of the company is now held by strategic investors, including GoldMining Inc., which now holds 29.4% of the company on an undiluted basis, and McEwen Mining Inc. 

The company said about 30% is held by management and insiders. According to Reuters, these include Non-Executive Chairman Giulio T. Bonifacio with 7.3%, CEO Brandon Bonifacio with 6.7%, Independent Director Gregory French with 1.62%, and Independent Director Timothy Dyhr with 1.37%, Reuters said.

About 10% is held by institutions, and the rest is in retail.

As for its share structure, NevGold has 93.91M outstanding shares and 30M free float traded shares.

The company's market cap is CA$40 million. Its 52-week trading range is CA$0.24−CA$0.50 per share.


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