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Robotics Stock's 4D Imaging Radar Can Increase Opportunities, Analyst Says
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Arbe Robotics Ltd.'s "4D imaging radar can gain share in the existing multi-billion-dollar automotive radar market and grow in the diversifying non-automotive markets as well," according to a Roth MKM research note.

In an April 3 research note, Roth MKM analyst Suji Desilva commented on Arbe Robotics Ltd.'s (ARBE:NASDAQ) high-tech radar system for cars called 4D imaging radar.

Desilva stated, "We believe that ARBE’s advanced 4D imaging radar can gain share in the existing multi-billion-dollar automotive radar market and grow in the diversifying non-automotive markets as well." They noted that it is promising to see that the company is working with several potential customers who are interested in using their 4D imaging radar technology in 2024. 

The report noted that Desilva believes Arbe is "well positioned for advanced radar opportunities," spanning various end market and geographic opportunities in CY24. 

Arbe has been working with well-known Chinese car part makers for a long time. Desilva thinks that these partnerships could lead to success as Chinese automotive companies look to use high-quality radar technology in their vehicles. Desilva also pointed out that Arbe "remains engaged with multiple global auto OEMs that are increasingly focusing on advanced ADAS platforms and models."

With this, Desilva maintained their Buy rating and increased their price target on the company from US$2 to US$4. 

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