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Texas Oil Co. Sells CCS for US$148 Million Cash
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Talos Energy, Inc. recently announced the sale of its entire carbon capture and storage (CCS) business for a total of US$148 million in cash, according to a Roth MKM research note.

Talos Energy Inc. (TALO:NYSE) recently announced the sale of its entire carbon capture and storage (CCS) business for a total of US$148 million in cash, which includes reimbursements and adjustments, noted Roth MKM analyst Leo Mariani in a March 18 research note. 

According to the report, this equates to approximately US$0.80 per share. The company plans to use the proceeds to pay off borrowings under its credit facility.

Additionally, Talos may realize future cash payments upon the achievement of certain milestones at the Harvest Bend or Coastal Bend CCS projects.

Mariani noted, "We think the market may be slightly disappointed in the sale price." 

Still, Mariani pointed out the company's improving balance sheet, high oil cut, low production declines, below-average valuation, and material potential upside from its carbon capture business when discussing his valuation of the company.

Mariani gave Talos a Buy rating and a US$17 target price. 

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